Destructoid’s games of the week for 03/04/07: Haight-Ashbury edition

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As you guys know, I’ve been chosen by The High Robot to be one of the lucky few who get to travel to the sunny warm moist? mostly temperate climes of San Francisco for the next week to cover GDC 2K7. We plan on covering the event, sure, but I’ve also got my own personal agenda while there of things I’ve always wanted to do in San Francisco, and I’d like to share them with you today;

  1. 1) Solve the Zodiac killings primarily through the use of a Ford Mustang and high speed chases down steep hills, thusly nullifying Jake Gyllenhaal out of existence.
  2. 2) Seduce a lesbian into leaving her heathen “wife”, earning me a permanent seat at the right hand of The Lord.
  3. 3) Drug Brian Crecente, then weave his hair into the carpet of the Moscone Center.
  4. 4) Feed sea lions.
  5. 5) Climb the Eiffel Tower … what? Paris? Are you sure? Um … ok, can I climb on top of Barry Bonds‘ head then? Ok, I’ll do that one.
  6. 6) Buy David Rainey a beer.

Hopefully you’re reading this right about the time I’m touching down in San Fran, and if you’re in the area, come find us. You all have enough information on this website to stalk each and every one of us, and we’re kinda sad that none of us have been kidnapped yet …

Also, some people played video games this week! Theoretically, we do that in between all the jet-setting and the offending of large swaths of America. Here’s what the editors have been playing;

Dick McVengeance:
I’m trying to unlock Super Excite mode in Excite Truck right now, along with getting around to beating that last boss in God Hand. Suddenly getting sick doesn’t help, so I’m spending time with Lunar Knights as well.

Robert Summa:
I am addicted to Company of Heroes. Addicted I tells ya. My only gripe is that there aren’t more people playing online. GET ONLINE MY PEOPLES!!!

Nick Brutal:
I haven’t spent a lot of time playing games this week, other than the time spent with the games at New York Comic Con.

When I find the time, I’ve been running around fighting a war on crime in Crackdown, and I did buy Alien Hominid HD (but have only played it once).

I also bought a new phone (the Motorola Q) and have been playing a free sudoku game on it. Does that count?

Ron Workman:
Lila Yee is the Bomb!
I have been playing Crackdown (obviously) Alien Homonid (That shits hard yo!) Assault Heroes (Co-op with Brit is teh greatest EVAR!) CTZ”S mailfactory part 2 (He doesnt see this) and I got bored the other day and played few I hadn’t touched in awhile. Of course, I didnt get bored enought to play the Wii. What a nice paperweight that turned out to be. Damn I hate you all for making me believe it might not be a piece of shit. I had a friend, who had never ever played or seen a Wii bowl a 220 his first fucking time! That game does make me feel like the something in the “Big Lebowski” though. Nobody is reading so… Nex is a tool! He said that he wears womens shoes, and daddy makes him play dress up. Other than that, I still jump on COD2 with Jarrett a few times a week. I love being able to play video games again you guys.
XBL gamertag = Roncore
If you add, please tell me who you are.


I’ve been too busy buying shoes this week to play any games. Sorry.

I’ve been playing webmaster most of the week, but I finally got my copy of Rhythm Tengoku and that’s been my crack addiction. I can’t get enough of this game. I’m making red-wigged monkey faces at people and singing like a Japanese woman. Everyone at GDC will be subject to my outbreaks of this, this game is genius and totally worth importing for DS owners. The packaging also looks like candy and comes with penguin stickers. Value, and how! I also picked up Wii Play for my dad. He can’t control Excite Truck but he can kick my ass at Cow Racing.

Confession: I’ve never really played Elder Scrolls, Raving Rabbids, or Burnout Revenge seriously beyond demos at events, so I just picked them up. My weekend will be merry.

I haven’t gotten many chances to play much of anything this week. Who knew that French Linguistics were so time consuming?! Anyway, when I can pry myself away from sentence trees, I’ve been playing Tekken 3 and Vagrant Story. Nothing new, as always.

I’m still playing Psychonauts which again is friggn’ SW33T! to play and I’ve been playing an online game called Funeral Quest for fun.

The new Sam and Max episode, Abe Lincoln Must Die, just came out and I’ve been playing that pretty heavily. So far, it’s definitely their funniest episode yet.

If I can keep myself from having sex with my 360 long enough, I might play some games on it like Alien Hominid HD and Ridge Racer 6. I am very hard to beat at the latter of the two. Feel free to find me on Live and try to prove me wrong.

Cybernetic Tiger Z:
I played Smash Melee again with my cousin and friend. Played Alien Hominid tonight too for the GameCube. God damn that game sucks. Britini is going to leave you Ron when I’m done with you in Miami.


That’s it! I’m drinking now.

What have you been playing? Do that thing in the comments. 

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