Destructoid’s games of the week for 02/11/07: Abuse of power edition!

Since you guys are functionally my captive audience, I would like to take this time to force you to watch the above video. It has absolutely nothing to do with gaming, but this is the one time of the week when I get to do whatever I want, and this week I want to force you all to watch a video of an adorable newborn kitten.

Don’t wanna watch a video about kittens? Whatcha gonna do, go read that other blog? Yeah, I thought not. 

[Mad love to Meg Frost over at Cute Overload for the video] 

Thank you all for humoring me. As a reward, you get to read about the wondrous games the editors of Destructoid have been playing this week. Next week I’ll tell you why -NAME DELETED- from -WEBSITE DELETED- isn’t allowed within fifty feet of children anymore.

Dick McVengeance:
Once again, I’m playing Excite Truck, and I’m enjoying it more than I was playing Zelda, which I will perhaps return to. I’ve also recovered my Gamecube memory card and I’m going to finish up Skies of Arcadia Legends. Once that’s done, I might buckle down and grind through Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance just to cement my belief that this game is a horrific adaptation of the original and should crawl in a hole and die.

I just started playing Hideo Kojima’s Lunar Knights. It’s the newest sequel to the Boktai series, or, as you may know it, That Game That Forces You To Get A Tan. The combination of Secret of Mana-esque action-RPG combat along with space vampire hunting reminds me a lot of a fever dream I had once, except this time I don’t have to be rushed to the ER for life-threatening potassium deficiency.

Just got my 360 back online, and I’m psyched. I’ll probably download the Crackdown demo and play through that a couple of times; I’m greatly anticipating the release on the 20th. Also, I’ll be playing a ton of Gears of War online (like always), so look me up.

The growing fad at work these days in Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS, or rather, “AC:Dub-Dub” as they refer to it. I started over and I remember how much of a criminal Tom Nook is. 128,000 Bells for the second mortgage?! Are you crazy?? Nope, he’s just a swindler looking to make a quick buck off of some punk who moved into a really tiny house that a raccoon built.

Besides AC:Dub-Dub, I’ve been playing MapleStory (MSGlobal) for the PC off and on. I’ve got myself a level 11 Magician on the Bellocan server.

Lastly, I continue to sit in stitches waiting for the the beta invites for Tabula Rasa to come out and hoping that my entry gets picked. I have been so patient, why can’t they just send out the invites already? I’m going nuts over here!

Colette Bennett:
Rocket Slime for DS. It’s temporarily usurped Hotel Dusk, which I need to get back to. Between tank fights and bouncing about saving others slimes, it’s almost more fun than fellating Ron Workman in a bathroom stall. Speaking of that, yay for Miami one year party!

World Famous Robert Summa:
I’ve really hooked on Resistance: Fall of Man lately. I’ve been playing a lot of ranked games online and then getting into the occasional custom game. The Resistance multiplayer is so solid, I love it. Smooth as silk and fun as hell.

Also, been getting uber in Crackdown. I can’t say enough about it, it’s a gem.


If you were expecting more editors’ answers, blame them. The lazy bastards have all been too busy drinking our fortune away or innapropriately flirting with family members at reunions. Destructoid: The Internet’s Newest Home for Vaugely Incestual Party Games and Binge Drinking! 

What have you, our loyal followers, been playing this week? 


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