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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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On paper, it shouldn’t have worked. In fact, it should have been a rose-tinted disaster.

For many years, fans clamored for a remake of 1997 PlayStation classic Final Fantasy VII a title so beloved by the people and so deeply embedded within the legacy of gaming itself, that it felt Square Enix was frankly saving these fans from themselves by not taking on the project, an undertaking seemingly destined to produce nothing but ire and disappointment from those who wanted it most.

Still, with deep breaths and furrowed brows, Square Enix took on perhaps the most thankless task in the industry, announcing that one of the most iconic titles in gaming history was to be remade for modern platforms and audiences. The project got off to an auspicious start with Square Enix’s revelation that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be episodic, with doubters getting louder still as years of development rolled by and the studio remained tight-lipped in regards to gameplay, story, and the all-important release date.

But when Final Fantasy VII Remake finally released on April 10, it became quickly apparent that Square Enix had risen to a seemingly insurmountable challenge. FFVII Remake captures the spirit, engagement, and character of its forefather with brilliance and passion. The high-gloss title invited newcomers to dive headlong into one of gaming’s most epic and sweeping stories, while embracing the FFVII faithful like a long-lost friend returning from decades of absence.

From the emotive opening scenes in the slums of Midgar, to the violent climactic battle in the Shinra headquarters, Final Fantasy VII Remake delivers a beautiful and highly-polished experience, capitalizing on the power of modern-day technology while remaining true to its classical roots. Furthermore, the remake not only gives fans the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the memorable characters, locations, and moments of the original, but dares to take chances, twisting the fabric of the FFVII timeline in intriguing and fascinating new ways.

It shouldn’t have worked, but it did. Final Fantasy VII Remake delivered, offering players young and old a fresh opportunity to fall in love with its timeless and unforgettable universe all over again.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

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