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The list of nominees for 2018’s Best Portable Game award is a solid one. Every title is perfect for those bed-time gaming sessions, arduous work commutes or – best of all – extended bathroom breaks. Thanks to portable gaming, we can always be playing something rad… ALWAYS.

But this year, there was no portable game that impressed us more than indie platform adventure Iconoclasts. Launching way back in January on PS Vita, among other formats, Iconoclasts is the tale of a young and rebellious mechanic, Robin, whose impressive technical ability and selfless attitude land her in deep trouble with the land’s terrifying overseers, the One Concern.

Now a wanted fugitive, Robin and her small-but-loyal band of allies must fight back against the totalitarian regime, in an effort to save not only their own lives, but ultimately the very planet itself. With crisp, colourful graphics, a blend of melodrama and good humour, charming music and versatile, retro-infused gameplay, Iconoclasts won over an army of fans and critics, eventually making its way to Nintendo Switch in August.

Always of note, Iconoclasts was all the work of one developer, Joakim Sandberg, who designed, coded and composed the entire game themselves over the course of seven long years. The success of Iconoclasts is a testament to passion projects, and what can be achieved with heart, determination and talent.

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