Destructoid: Top 5 Android and Blackberry games!

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Welcome everyone to the 40th installment of Destructoid (the show). In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Max and I were forced to film this episode 3 days early. So instead of the daily dose of news nuggets, we thought we’d give you a Top 5 rundown.

Mine is a list of the top 5 Android games, which consists mostly of me whining about how terrible Android games are. You know what’s not better than Android games though? Blackberry games.

Just kidding, the Blackberry doesn’t have real games. If they did exist though, rest assured Max would have found them. Instead, he decided to list the top 5 video game franchise crossovers he’d like to see.

Oh, and we’re also running a new contest. The first person to comment on our YouTube video with the correct answer to what Max’s tattoo is will win Max’s own copy of Bible Adventures for NES, along with a drawing of a shark he made while I was talking during the show.

We’ve also air an episode Holmes’s new series, Constructoid. It’s a wacky episode today, guys. Try to keep up.

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