Destructoid to own Massive in their own game, World in Conflict

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We here at Destructoid can’t back down from a challenge … even if it means humiliation.

So when we were approached (read: threatened) by Massive Entertainment, and asked if we wanted to play a friendly (read: serious business) game of their upcoming PC real-time strategy title, World In Conflict, you know we couldn’t resist. 

Tomorrow morning, Nex and I will be going head-to-head with Massive’s Emma Jones and Henrik “Vextor” Johansson, battling it out online using the demo version of World in Conflict. Hit the jump for more trash talking, how you might get a chance to win some cool prizes, and more information on what’s going to go down as the most violent videogame massacre in 2007.

Now normally, we don’t like to attack people for no good reason. Outside of industry parties coupled with odd drink concoctions named after Final Fantasy characters, we’re a pretty nice bunch of folks. Massive on the other hand are a bunch of mean old meanies.

“These Destructoid kids probably weren’t even alive when The Cold War was in effect,” said Jones and Johansson in stereo. “Well, their history in education is about to begin … school is officially in session!”

When I relayed this information to Nex, he was more than happy to illustrate what makes us the more mature team. 

“Well, he’s right,” Nex told me. “I wasn’t alive during the Cold War. On the upside, that means that my joints haven’t yet calcified into dust and my girlfriend’s breasts don’t double as kneecaps.”

OK, so maybe we are a bunch of immature jerks. But this is going to be fun, and if/when we win, Massive Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment will be giving us a ton of cool World in Conflict prizes for the Destructoid community. Later this week, we’ll deliver the results in the form of a video, so stay tuned for a bloodbath, and wish us luck. Man, we’re going to need it …

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