Destructoid Theme Song Contest quadruple penetration

A word to all you shoestring musicians and meme aspiring Tay Zondays; the stakes are steadily on the rise the longer you wait to prove yourself in the Destructoid Theme Song contest. Those countless hours, hollow and entirely devoid of melody, that you’ve managed to let slip have widened the door for everyone else on the Internet to diminish your road to virtual rock stardom. Oh how they dream so casually of their beautifully harmonic afternoons soon to come, plumply equipped with their recently acquired, fully paid for Rock Band set. Surely you cannot be the one to blame for these premature wet-dreams of success!

For shame ye bygone Mozart reincarnates, particularly since you will have to match your masterpiece against the saccharine synth beats of CosbyTron’s masterpiece Super Terrific. Much anticipated since its brief mention by one Mr. Burling amidst his Podtoid appearance, CosbyTron masterfully commits his lyrics to depict the most terrifying (and geek-qually arousing) final fight in gaming legend. And it rhymes! Ahh-mayyy-zing!

Become both enlightened and envious by Super Terrific as you watch the video or feel free to take an even more aurally delightful listen to song on his MySpace music page. It’s time to get those competitive juices coursing through your veins, readers. Seriously, dude, you’re going to need it.