Destructoid Theme Song Contest pentuple penetration

When processing the cross-over between the nerd and the non-nerd, a very fine line exists that distinguishes epic win from epic failure. Such distinction comes particularly into play when individuals attempt to blur the way of the geek into what you young whipper-snappers around here would call the ‘hip-hop’ or the ‘rap’. Combinations of this kind can sometimes result in magnitudes of awesome, but more typically yield some variety of a floating YouTube video featuring a white kid flailing out rhymes in a desperate cry for attention.

Regardless of these strenuous conditions, the culture machine does manage to produce a line of hybrid nerd gems as demonstrated by the brilliant work of Ninoog3‘s song submission D-Toid for the Destructoid Theme Song Contest. A song which deserves attention for its smooth synthesis of Internet memes that ride along a beat that truly bumps. The most recent entry for the contest sets the bar a little higher yet again by switching tracks to flip-mode and evoking a hypnotic tendency to bob your head to the rhythm.

So kids slap on your 8-bit bling, start stretching those appendages to Walk it out proper, and take a listen to the rap version of Destructoid’s hypothetical theme song. From here on out, this .tiff will be monitoring the theme song contest until its termination. So all you wannabe players please send your material my way at [email protected] Yah heard?