Destructoid (the show): In Poland, Kinect plays you!

Ah, the start of our seventh week. We’ve got a great episode for y’all today. Holmes and I make fun of Ubisoft for sucking at geography (and subsequently, life), he runs down the details on the awesome new game Catherine, I hate on Kinect for the 17489th time this month, and Holmes cringes at the thought of a Monty Python video game. Nick Chester also lends his sexy voice to tell you about this week’s new releases.

Oh, and do you want a copy Jim Sterling’s new favorite game, Maijin and the Forsaken Kingdom? All you have to do to enter for a chance to win the game is subscribe to us on Youtube or iTunes (in HD or large sizes). 

All this and more, coming up on Destructoid! (I bet you’re sick of hearing that, aren’t you?)

EDIT: We’re sorry about the audio issues in the video at the moment, we’re working on fixin’ it!

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