Destructoid started on this day, 10 years ago

It was also a badass month for video games

On March 16, 2006, Destructoid was born. Our founder and overlord Niero has been running it ever since, and the rest is history.

We’ll be taking a closer look at Destructoid’s legacy this week (including this multi-part interview with Niero), but for now, let’s reflect on how badass of a month March 2006 was.

There were so many games unleashed that month that had a profound impact on me, it’s insane. Capcom released the last of the Onimusha series, Dawn of Dreams, relegating future projects to gaiden status. Mega Man Powered Up, one of the most loving remakes of all time, was released. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, a stellar re-packaging of one of the best games ever made, filled to the brim with insane secrets and minigames, also came out that month.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was out later in March, captivating millions of fans for months on end with its promise of open world adventures. Let’s also not forget Kingdom Hearts II, the iconic continuation of the series that still hasn’t had a proper resolution 10 years later (though we’re finally getting it soon!). That’s not even counting other ancillary March games like Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Pokemon Trozei, Metroid Prime Hunters, Metal Gear Acid 2, and Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Whenever someone says “this year sucked,” I immediately start looking up what came out during that particular timeframe and stand in awe. Gaming has always been great, and it’s been an honor to help share those great times with you as part of Destructoid. I hope to keep doing it for many years to come!

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