Destructoid robot contest winners


It seems like we’re giving out stuff left and right today. Why? Because we love you all dearly! Seriously, you people are the most dedicated group of readers I have ever seen, and you’re all truly awesome for it. Honestly, who nearly destroys their monitor just for Destructoid?

So, a dedicated few of you (Gregor, iRaf, LarkOhiya, Genacon, and LostCrichton) put together some dtoid robots for all of us to enjoy, with the chance of winning an Also Cocks shirt. So, those five will be winning their shirts! Send me an email over at brad[at] with your address to get your shirt.

With all the love for Niero, I also want to take a moment to thank all of you readers. Seriously, I would have never gotten to go to CES or talk to half the people I’ve talked to over this past year if it weren’t for you all reading the site. The fact that you all are willing to destroy your monitors or create a robot out of wood is simply amazing. We’re nothing more than regular gamers, just like you. If any of us start acting like we’re better than all other gamers (Summa’s an exception), please feel free to shoot us down. Hell, the other members of the staff will probably do it too. Hopefully we’re still doing a good job at keeping the friendly environment that Destructoid is meant to be about.

I’m always looking forward to meeting a reader of Destructoid, so if you ever see me in New York City, Syracuse, or central Jersey, be sure to tackle me and say hello. I think most every writer here is easily accessible, as you can find us on Ventrilo, AIM, GTalk, or the forums. Really, we won’t bite. It’s not that hard to make fun of us, either. Also, cocks!