Destructoid reader warns Jack Thompson about the true evil in America

This letter was shared with us by Destructoid reader kariomart, where he made a shocking and terrible discovery about the true source of corruption in America’s youth. Usually we wouldn’t run something like on the front page, but it’s just too damning a story not to tell. This was sent directly to Jack Thompson and so far has been ignored. Does Jack truly not care about our children? Just read this shocking letter and prepare to be sickened to the core:

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I have come across a STARTLING discovery after doing months of research on school shootings and other related violent acts.  What is the one undeniable commonality between Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, John Lee Malvo, and the VT gunman?

No, not video games. This is something far more sinister and pervasive in our society: they were ALL owners and wearers of denim pants, or “blue jeans,” as is their slang term with the youth.  I’ve researched these “jeans” and discovered that they are readily available in literally thousands of retailers.  Worse than that, they are marketed to our children and I have discovered that they are even tailored to their body sizes!  With names like Wrangler (obvious play on the word “strangler”) and Levis (obvious anagram for “evils”), it is a wonder we haven’t seen more school shootings.

These murder accessories have no business being in our society of sunshine and lollipops.  Therefore Mr. Thompson, I implore you: join me in my crusade against jeans and help save our kids.  I am giving you until 7:38 pm Friday to accept my offer.  If you decline, I will have no other choice but to assume you support this vial leg wear and are a proponent of corrupting our nation’s children and I will do everything in my power to stop you.

There you have it. I am fully convinced that this is the real reason why people go insane. The evidence is there, the correlation exists, so it HAS to be — yet Jack Thompson does nothing. If you truly believe, as I do, that this is a serious problem, I suggest you let Thompson know. Let everybody know. Spread the word, because we have to fight this before Levi claims another.

Jim Sterling