Destructoid: Phil Spector’s Jurassic Zombie Duckstorm

Rise from your graves, my little Altered Beastoids! It’s time for another episode of our tri-weekly nightmare hellride.

This time around, we’ve got some zombie news with the Dead Island trailer and the announcement that Telltale Games will be making all kinds of vidyas based on The Walking Dead. I discussed some of the other stuff Telltale was showing off last night, and then went into ramblin’-idiot overdrive and talked about Motorstorm Apocalypse.

Tara tried to be as excited as me while talking about Sega games, but I am the excitedest, so she did not succeed. Then, something about Ducktales and Warren Spector, and Minecraft. Because that never gets old if you’re Tara.

Since the studio’s closed Monday, we had to shoot two episodes today, so we’re especially frantic. But now it’s time for a three day weekend.

Spoiler Alert: Monday’s show is entirely about Pokemon, and it’s insane. There’s cosplay involved.

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