Destructoid PAX contest ends in 3…2…1…

The Destructoid community blog contest which will allow one lucky reader, or more appropriately, “writer”,  to join Dtoid at PAX as an honorary member of the staff is at an end. If you would like to be considered for this contest, please say so in the comments. If you only have one or two clogs you’d like to use an entries, then please provide direct links to those instead. If any of you have been saving your post on the corrolation between videogame music and infantile pseudopsychosis, now’s the time to set it live. 

Remember, currently only your hotel and ticket are covered so if you need to do unthinkable acts for airfare or other transportation, you might want to slap on those kneepads and get crackin’. To help us screen finalists, please be prepared to make a short video of yourself explaining why you want to go to PAX or what you like about videogames and waffles or whatever, preferably sans the frontal nudity and Q Lazzarus. These videos will be shown only to Dtoid editors and not the public at large, unless you state otherwise. No weirdies!

See one of you lucky bastards in a couple of weeks…

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