Destructoid Network: This week’s finest 06/24/07

Oh, how I love this community. I can go into a big rant about how awesome you guys and gals are, but really, the best thing about this community is that we somehow are able to attract the hottest women ever! Such is the case of FooLiz proudly showing off her Also, Cocks shirt in the video above. So here’s a question, why hasn’t anyone else made a video showing off their Also, Cocks shirt (not including the Butternut Jelly folks).
Manhunt 2 had everyone talking this week on Destructoid. We also have a new lovely staff member, Leigh Alexander, that  joined the robot ranks. Over on Japanator, I was the special guest star for the weekly Spoiler-san where the topic of choice was Ghost in the Shell. On NextLust, there’s a really cute turtle projection system. Finally, on the Community Blog side, Blindside Dork tells us why he loves the Dtoid community. 

Those were my highlights of the week, what were yours?

Manhunt 2 banned in the UK.
Manhunt 2 is banned here in America too.
BBFC responds to Destructoid editor regarding Manhunt 2 banning.
Gamers For Gaming: The plan revealed.
“Special Lessons” with Mitsurugi.

Spoiler-san 3: Ghost in the Shell edition. (I was the special guest for Spoiler-san this week, go check it out!)
TOP TEN: God Len’s top ten list of the most powerful super robots in history!
DVD review: 009-1 (the robots in this series have machine gun tits!)
International China-Japan setback as Japan issues yet another political “NUH-UH”
Revealing the mating rituals of the wild Kenpachi (hint: “COME KILL ME!”)

YouTube on Apple iPhone too

Microsoft rebrands its IPTV platform as Mediaroom.
Hug the cosmos, turtle style.
iriver P10 P(I)MP player.
Sexy is as sexy does, the iriver Life Unit

Community Blog’s Top 5
Are games sacrificing difficulty for realism?
Manhunt 2: Electric Boogaloo.
Why I Love the Dtoid Community!
The return of Friday Night Fights.
Command & Conquer 3 benefits StarCraft II (and vice-versa!)

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Hamza Aziz