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Debut flip issue with GameFan

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Destructoid Magazine Issue 1 is finally here! To clear up any confusion: yes, it is a real, actual paper magazine you can lick. It’s 36 pages long (minus ads), which isn’t too shabby. Better yet, if you flip the magazine over you’ll be treated to GameFan Issue 11, which is a whopping 64 pages long (minus ads). That makes a total of 100 pages hand-crafted, custom-designed video game magazine, just for you. You can pre-order the print copy here.

We hope to continue publishing an issue every two months, but we’ll only be able to do that with your continued support. The good news is, lending that support won’t necessarily cost you anything. Destructoid’s patron HUGE members can download their early digital copy today for free from the HUGE perks page. Later in the week the digital download will be free to everyone.

Our top priority with this magazine is to share our love of video games with you in the most expressive, interesting, and honest way possible. GameFan has been striving for that goal since the 1990s, which made this team-up a perfect fit. The only thing that puzzles me about it is that it took us this long to make it happen. 

Read on for more about what’s inside our debut issue:

Destructoid Magazine: Issue 1

  • Exclusive Bloodstained cover by Inti Creates artist Yuji Natsume
  • Exclusive interview with Bloodstained creator and Castlevania legend Koji Igarashi
  • Exclusive sprite art of adorable Cammy and blubbery Birdie from Street Fighter V from Martin Wörister, with a preview of the game to match
  • A mini-guide for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS by ZeRo, the game’s world champion, with art by Corey ‘Reyyy’ Lewis and David North
  • A career retrospective with Mariel Cartwright (Skullgirls) and Adam Tierney (WayForward), including exclusive artwork and hints about upcoming projects
  • A Splatoon for Beginners’ guide by Chris Carter and Jonathan Holmes, with artwork by Sarah Thomas, Robert ‘Robaato’ Porter and Jorge Velez

And look what GameFan made!

GameFan: Issue 11

  • Our E3 picks come to life over 14 pages of scrumptious highlights
  • HD Remasters: 10 we’d most like to see (and you’ll never guess)
  • Blade & Soul LIVES. Hyung Tae Kim’s sweeping online epic (finally) heads west.
  • Q&A with Omega Force on all things Kaiju for Toukiden Kiwami
  • 20 plus pages of reviews! 

Here’s a low-resolution preview of Destructoid Magazine, Issue 1

Get your copy today!  You can pre-order the print copy here

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