Destructoid Mac Widget version 2.0 [Update]

Have you guys been paying attention to the Dtoid UserVoice page? We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from it and you should totally be voicing your opinions on it too.

A while ago, Jackal27 asked on the UserVoice for a Destrutoid Mac Widget. Turns out one was made a long time ago already. Electro Lemon didn’t really like that old Widget however, so he went ahead and made his own Destructoid widget. It’s a work in progress but it looks pretty sleek!

You can download Electro Lemon’s new Widget here or get the older version here. Also, I have no idea what a Widget is. 

[Update: Widget has been updated. Download this one instead as it should work pefectly now. There’s also a funny Easter Egg somewhere in the program. Oh and hey, a Tomopop Widget too! Rock on, Electro Lemon!]

Hamza Aziz