Destructoid LIVE at PAX Prime: Stuff that’s happening

We were driving back to LAX after E3, talking about the Destructoid PAX Panel. Niero turned around in the car and casually said, “Do you want to head it up?” I said sure, and then spent all my time since then panicking about it as I tried to claw together a good show. 

Destructoid LIVE is the fruit of that panic. At 10:30am on Saturday, at the Unicorn Theater, you are cordially invited to attend a morning of fun, prizes, and an exclusive game reveal. Hosted by Niero, Chad Concelmo, Jonathan Holmes and myself, Destructoid LIVE has been designed to give hardcore gamers and hardcore Destructoid fans alike a bloody good time. 

We’ll be hosting community revelry all weekend, so make sure you check out the full weekend’s plans. As for the panel itself, read on for a little rundown of some of the stuff we have planned for you.

Things to look forward to at Destructoid LIVE include:

  • Destructoid’s PAX Picks: What are the best games to keep an eye on at PAX Prime? Is it awesome that Kirby is made of string? YES!
  • Sundays With Sagat: We’ll have a special first showing of a brand new Sundays With Sagat. I have seen it. It’s the funniest one ever. 
  • Tales from a Destructoid editor: We’ll be talking about the best things that ever happened to us as writers for the most amazing game blog ever. Funny stories are on the cards!
  • Something terrible involving the 3DS: Your very own Jim Sterling got his hands on a 3DS and stuff happened. Find out what at Destructoid LIVE!
  • A celebration of editorial freedom: In an industry where reviewers are fired from their jobs for being honest and publishers hold supreme marketing power over writers, how rare and valuable is editorial freedom? Destructoid has the answer, and Chad Concelmo has something very special to say. 
  • World exclusive game reveal: Why does the CEO of Gaijin Games have a Destructoid panel badge? Some would say it’s fate!
  • The Deadly Premonition tasty race: We’re working with Ignition to bring you cool prizes at Destructoid LIVE. Two audience members will get to compete for great stuff. Make sure you haven’t had breakfast yet!
  • Even more prizes: We’ve got loads of crap that we just want to give away for no reason! 

The party continues after Destructoid LIVE! Hang around with us after the panel for:

  • The obligatory community photo: A Destructoid tradition, we gather the family together for one big photograph of love and cuddles. If you’re wearing a Destructoid shirt, all the better, but even if you don’t, make sure you’re part of history!
  • The Jimquisition: Don the famous douchebag shades and affect your best British accent. I’ll be looking for Dtoiders who want to wear sunglasses indoors and rant about videogames. There may even be a contest to determine the best one! Just don’t throw the mic too hard!

And that’s JUST Saturday morning! Keep checking the CBlogs to see what your favorite community members are doing, and make sure you stop and say hi whenever you see a Dtoider on the showfloor. This is going to be my very first PAX, so I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone there, and I know the rest of us are excited as buggery too!

See you there!

James Stephanie Sterling