Destructoid is hiring freelance guide writers!

Come write for us, as we expand

Things have been pretty crazy in the gaming sphere as of late (take your pick!): but there’s great news to report on the Destructoid front. Our owners — the GAMURS Group — are looking to expand the site and provide us with the tools we need to grow. As a result, we have a bigger freelance budget!

If you’re not familiar with Destructoid, we cover a lot of the irreverent and offbeat video game news that a lot of other sites pass over: but we also hit the big stuff with that same irreverence and offbeat tone. We’re also one of the biggest review outlets out there and allow for a large degree of creative freedom, so there’s a lot of room to let your personality shine. Some of the most famous members of the gaming industry have written for Destructoid in its lengthy 16-year history, including Ashly Burch and James Stephanie Sterling.

We’re also looking at building out a guides program, with plenty of work for folks who play newer releases. Our rates vary along with the content, ranging from $15 to $80 depending on the length and type of story, with many posts fitting around the $25 range.

What are we looking for in a prospective freelance writer?

  • Someone who has experience with keeping up with new release games and live service titles
  • We are actively looking for people to cover Destiny, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends with authority
  • Familiarity with WordPress/blogging platforms
  • The ability to write quickly and accurately
  • Someone eager to learn and incorporate feedback to build their writing skills
  • Willingness to write at least 25 posts per month
  • Previous freelance/writing experience

What do we want in your application sent to [email protected]?

  • The subject line of your email must read: “Destructoid freelance guide writer 2023”
  • Describe what games you have done guide work for in the past, and what games you actively play now that you feel you could speak to with authority
  • A brief cover letter in the body of your email
  • Your resume/CV (as an attachment) or LinkedIn profile (choose one)
  • At least two links to samples of your writing
  • Links to your personal website/portfolio/blog, podcasts/videos, and/or any public social media accounts you would like to share

Please allow us ample time to respond, as we expect quite a lot of entries! Even if we don’t get back to you quickly, we will file all resumes provided to us, and we may be in contact at a later date.

Destructoid Staff