Destructoid interview: Lunchbag Art

In your internet travels, I’m sure you’ve come across the Lunch Bag Art Web site. If you haven’t, know it’s a collection of art… drawn on lunch bags. What’s great about this bag art is that it’s all geek-themed. Relevant to your interests. Cartoon characters, Transformers, video game favorites and anime and manga heroes all decorate the sides of these lunch sacks.

We spoke with the creator, a dad who says he draws a new lunch bag for his kids each day. I think you’ll agree that any of these custom works makes even the coolest lunchbox look lame.

Read on for our interview.

Destructoid: I’ve never said this to a guy before, but I love your sacks. Can you tell us how you got started making your lunch bag art?

Lunchbag Art: About how you’d expect; I’m an art guy, I’d already made the lunches, there were crayons and markers around. 

What drives you continue doing it? The kids? Good practice?
It’s good practice, and the kids like it…and thanks to YouTube, I can explain to them who the Herculoids and Gatchaman are.

What’s your favorite work yet?
I like that my daughter requested Duck Amuck, the one where Daffy gets a reptile body and a flower head.

What materials do you use for the art? Paint? And do you have a specific brand bag you use?
I started with markers, then moved to oil pastels and paint pens.  Total cost: eleven dollars.  I’m not sure about brands for bags.
You’re quite the artist. Care to tell us about your artistic background?

Thank you.  I’m in graphics professionally, but my drawing skills had deteriorated before starting this up.  The practice helps. 

We see plenty of game art in your collection, telling us that you’re a gamer. Is that right?
Yes.  So much work goes into designing characters for games; it can be tough to sharpen a character’s readability when restricted by a platform’s limitations.  A successful character design is one thing; a successful game character design has to be perfection.
What kind of games do you like? What are you playing these days?

These days?  Stuff with Elmo in it.  Blues Clues is awesome too, and there have been some good Barbie ones.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say comic/anime/manga fan, too. Am I on base?
I submit to you that those art forms are becoming the new mainstream; you don’t have to be a nerd to like them anymore.  And I know I’m not a nerd because I have 18 CHA.

I heard that you’re working on something we’ve talked about on Destructoid before.
Care to comment?
Destructoid would like to thank Mr. Lunchbag for his time. We hear that he might be working on something custom. Be on the lookout for that. For now, enjoy our gallery of bag art.

Dale North