Destructoid Halloween 2007: Part 2 of 1

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So how was everyones Halloween this year? Mine was pretty awesome. EA totally failed to plan a party but the night was salvaged and drunkeness was had. I dressed up as Ninjtendo again this year and yeah, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with him. Niero was of course Mr. Destructoid but he wasn’t the only one this year! Matt T, Tehuberone, Indigoinc and even Nick Chester’s son all dressed up as the magnificant robot as well.  

Hit the jump and check out the gallery to see all the community members that dress up this year. Also, if you dressed up, whether it was a videogame character or not, then post it in the comments!

[Update: Completely forgot about the Forum threads. Added some more pictures!] 

Nick Chester Jr AS Mr. Destructoid Jr.

Brandon Hur AS Ash.

Chris Galloway AS The Spy.

Eddie Jr AS Toad. 

Buck F1tches AS Hunter S. Thompson.

Jonostars AS A Splicer. 

Limaceous AS Companion Cube

Matthew Tarpley AS Mr. Destructoid.

VirualGirl AS Lara Croft.

Tehuberone AS Mr. Destructoid.

Tristero AS a LOL Cat. 

CTZ AS Ninjtendo 

Jared made a Portal Pumpking Retro Lab made a Kerrigan Pumpkin.Brandon Undead AS Frankenstein CaptainN AS CaptainN elpoopacabra AS a Star Wars enemy Flynsk AS Half Aligator-half shark-half man. Item Forty AS Hunter S Thompson KingGrimLock AS Mario Indigoinc AS Mr. Destructoid Petiepal AS Miami Vice Pheonix_Blood AS Zombie High school girl TwinkieFGR AS Mario

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