Destructoid Exclusive: A Boy & His Blob Forest walkthrough

I was looking forward to WayForward’s remake of A Boy And His Blob the moment I heard it announced, but I had no idea what I was really going to see until I actually witnessed the game in action. During our recent visit to the WayForward offices during E3, Director Sean Velasco took the time to walk us through all four of the levels in the E3 demo, including the Forest, Swamp, Cave and Gearworks levels.

We’ll show you all four walkthroughs over the next four days, but for now you can hit the jump and watch Sean walk us through the Forest level. Prepare yourself, because once you see your very first Boy/Blob hug, you may be enamored to the point of no return. If you like what you see, tune back in tomorrow afternoon for our exploration of the Swamps level!

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Colette Bennett