Destructoid Exclusive: A Boy and His Blob part 4: Gearworks

Yesterday you checked out the third installment in our Boy and His Blob series, Caves, and if you’re really excited about the game, you might have watched the Swamp and Forest level walkthroughs too. We finish the series today with our walkthrough of the Gearworks level, and you guys get yet another chance to jump in the comments and discuss whether the boy’s voice is adorable or annoying. I vote adorable, but that’s no big shocker.

A big thanks to Sean and everyone at WayForward who graciously allowed us to visit their offices and took the time to play through these levels for us. We really appreciated it! By the way, if any of you happen to be Shantae fans wishing for a sequel, you can make your voice heard at the WayForward website — go vote if you want one!


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Colette Bennett