Destructoid: Duke Nukem, MvC3, and piracy, oh my!

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful viewers of the Destructoid show. We’re back in the studio and decidedly mother-free for yet another episode of wacky, PG-13 fun. And tonight, Max and I are bringing the funk!

We start off today’s episode with Max giving us an in-depth look into his time spent with Duke Nukem Forever this weekend. Yay, misogyny! Afterward, I talk about the new Halo: Reach map packs and the Xperia Play phone, while Max gushes over the Toy Fair that’s happening right now on! Finally, Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 got leaked last weekend, and the ever-charming Sagat reviewed Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for us in a very special way. It’s a pretty packed day, all in all.

Also, our YouTube account is nearing 20,000 subscribers! We started the show in October with just a hair over 7,000, so needless to say, this is very exciting. What should we do to celebrate when we reach our goal? Let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, this pizza and pay-per-view pornography aren’t going to order themselves. Have a wonderful non-holiday, all!

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