Destructoid Draws: Our Ultimate Super Smash Bros. characters

Old challengers approaching!

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Super Smash Bros. is one of these special series that means something different to everyone. For some, the appeal comes from the tactical mind games of high-level play. Single-player people also found something to love in Brawl‘s Subspace Emissary. Others are about the chaotic party-game fun that happens with friends, beer, and items turned way up.

Through it all, of course, there’s the sheer fanservice appeal. Seeing Mario and Link duke it out in the original Super Smash Bros. was already mind-blowing. Newer entries have gone above and beyond by introducing icons outside of Nintendo’s own lineup. Seeing characters like Snake, Sonic, Cloud, and Ryu fight against each other is one of the things that truly makes Smash unique.

Such a special series deserves a special Destructoid Draws. And, well, this is the last one I will be hosting. How much more special could it be! It’s pretty funny, too… I started this series off a whim by begging people on here to draw some Guilty Gear characters for me. Smash‘s status as a fighting game might be the cause of much debate, but it still feels like a good bookend!

But I digress. The prompt this time was drawing veteran Smash Bros. characters of our choosing. There’s a lot of good choices here! There’s also Duck Hunt.

Character: Samus All-Bran (Metroid)

I like Metroid. I like DoomSmashing them together came naturally.

Darren Nakamura
Character: Kirby (Kirby)

As a laboratory chemist, I have access to all sorts of materials, and some are quite beautiful. I wanted to draw Kirby because I’m not good at drawing and Kirby is the easiest one, but he’s also the one canonical survivor in Ultimate. This Kirby is based on the official art for Kirby: Canvas Curse, in which Kirby is even more simply drawn than normal. No arms, no legs. I call it “Kirby: Chemist Curse.”

Materials used: potassium oxide, diphosphorus pentoxide, sodium hydroxide, phenolphthalein.

Character: Pikachu (Pokémon)

Pikachu, to me, is what Mickey Mouse is to many others. He’ll forever be the mascot of my universe. It wasn’t just a phase, mom and dad, I say as I wear my Pokéball pajama pants.

Also, the bottle says “Ekans Oil 101 Proof.”

Character: Fox McCloud (Star Fox)

Fox has been around since the very beginning of the Super Smash Bros franchise. Part of what I love about using him is just how balanced he is. He can do damage at range but can also quickly close distances to catch an opponent off guard. His mobility lets him make quick escapes too if need be. Another reason I love playing as Fox is the fact that I’ve always seen him as the biggest dork in the room. It’s always satisfying to beat someone while playing as a dork.

Character: Captain Falcon (F-Zero)

Despite being a grown man with a 9-5 job, when I grow up I want to be big and strong like Captain Falcon. I want to be able to punch the shit out of things.

Rico the Penguin
Character: Jigglypuff (Pokémon)

This is literally the best character in any Smash.

Character: Bowser (Super Mario Bros)

I’ve always enjoyed playing evil characters in video games. In Smash, you’ll often see me represent my boy Ganondorf. Bowser, however, is no friend of mine. See, back in University, there was a Wii in our student association’s room. Before long, I was playing Project M (best version of the game, don’t @ me) with my fellow computer engineering students daily. We got really, really competitive.

There was this one guy who only played Mario and Bowser and always seemed to win with the latter. Every time you’d be looking at him, he looked like he was in a corner by himself, charging smash attacks at nothing in particular. And yet in a 1v1 he always won. In a free-for-all, it’d often come down to the two of us, and then he’d wipe the floor with me.

But I’ve never stopped playing. So if you’re reading this, Simon, this isn’t over. I’ll get you one day. You and your stupid, stupid Bowser.

Character: Ice Climbers (A Place Further than the Universe)

They will sink everyone like they sank the Titanic.

Character: Zelda/Sheik (Fire Emblem: Fates)

Ocarina of Time has always been one of my favorite games ever and I’ve always been intrigued by Sheik in Smash. Granted, I’ve barely played Brawl and I’ve never played [Smash] 4 so this will be the first game for me where Sheik is a full on character.

Honestly, I picked them because they were the coolest ones left unpicked, but I had fun doing this piece!

Character: Pichu (Pokémon)

I loved playing Pichu in Melee, just was super sad to see him go, glad that he is coming back and stronger than ever!

Character: Mewtwo (Pokémon GO)

I consider Mewtwo to be the original playable Pokémon villain. He’s blasting DK in the Melee intro, he sides himself with Ganondorf and Giga Bowser in Event 51 and he’s got a badass laughing taunt to complete his move set.

His departure in Brawl was saddening, but it made his return in Smash 4 and Ultimate that much more of a joy. Hopefully, he’ll be here to stay in the foreseeable future. Frankly, I’d have it no other way.

Character: Mr. Game & Watch (Tiger Electronics)

When I first got Melee as a kid, I never really played Mr. Game & Watch. He was just some weird guy on the roster that I ignored. As the years went on, though, he really grew on me and slowly became my favorite character because he’s just so weird and wacky. I’m really happy he got a bunch of positive changes in Ultimate, including his awesome new attack animations!

Jonathan Holmes
Character: Zero-Suit Samus (Metroid)

It’s Justin Bailey and Samus!

Character: Wario (Wario Land)

This Garlic eating, coin chasing narcissist is a lovable bastard. So weird and uncool… But so confident that he ends up being cool again. His overwhelming personality wins the day!

Character: Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Nothing Solid Snake loves better than the warm and snug fit that a good box provides.

Character: Ike (Fire Emblem)

I’ve been playing Smash since the first one launched, and the characters I gravitated to before Brawl was all over the place. Once Ike got in though, I had a character I could stick with permanently. Path of Radiance is my favorite Fire Emblem game (one I wish would be brought to Switch ASAP) and Ike is just a character I really like. Someone who is thrust into more responsibility and stakes than he necessarily has the tools or experience to handle, but takes on the challenge head-on regardless.

For Smash, I just like how he tends to play. Not super twitchy, but still with enough going on that you still need to pay attention. I like how he has changed in Ultimate and I can’t wait to get back in the fray with the Radiant Hero.

Character: Pokémon Trainer (Digimon)

The most fearsome fighter is returning to Smash. The Pokémon Trainer can clean up the competition without even getting his hands dirty. From the shadows, he commands three mighty beasts, pitting them against dangerous fighters from another time and place. Ruthless and remarkable, the trainer can seize victory from any opponent without lifting a finger.

Character: Lucas (Deltarune)

I came into the Mother series rather late. Like, Wii U eshop late. I never had a SNES, choosing instead to go the Genesis route, so by the time the first Smash game rolled out and I was introduced to Ness the series was rather inaccessible to young me. My only connection to the Mother series and its characters was through the Smash games.

I was introduced to Lucas with Brawl and the Sub Space Emissary. He was cast as the Luigi to Ness’s Mario, a timid character unconfident in his own abilities. I latched onto him completely. I honestly believe it was his characterization and redemptive arc in the main narrative of Brawl that led me to main him even though his play style wasn’t one I initially liked. I fell in love with the Lucas through Smash and that drove me to start playing the Mother series when it became more readily available. I’m thankful Smash has continued to be this passionate time capsule, a lovely crafted gateway to all the wonderful properties that it pays homage to and I’m excited to see what Ultimate has in store.


Character: Sonic the Hedgehog (Freedom Planet)

Sonic is the only third-party character to be a part of every Smash Bros game since third-parties joined so I’m happy to draw him for this tradition. To be fair, his speed intimated me a bit in Brawl, but by Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, he became one of my mains.

I considered drawing his now iconic Pikachu moment from the World of Light trailer. But I felt it was too obvious, so I decided to come up with my own plan. I drew Sonic on paper and pencil since I can’t draw digitally for the life of me. Afterward, I traced all the lines with black felt pens, scanned in the drawing and added colors via Photoshop.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out since I’ve never done this before. I didn’t even start drawing this until December 3, so I wasn’t sure I’d even finish it before the deadline. I’m glad I did because I’m really happy to make a comeback within the Dtoid Draws challenge.

Anthony Marzano
Character: Villager (Animal Crossing)

I’ve always loved the idea that the Villager is a killer who chops down his enemies with a gleeful smile on his face. I equated it to the thousand-yard stare. But like all of my Dtoid Draws, I severely overestimated my drawing skills.

So here have this masterpiece of Villager remembering what it was like when the tanks rolled into town and took over Nooks by force. AVE, TRUE TO ISABELLE!

Character: Mega Man (Mega Man)

When I was a kid, I used to spend hours with tracing paper and copies of Nintendo Power until I had copied pretty much every Robot Master and piece of Key Art they published. I wanted to juxtapose the (living) Mega Man with the empty helmets and the blue spray paint effect of color to place Mega Man in the “light” and show that the helmets are reminders of the rest of the series, still unfulfilled and unfinished.

It goes without saying that the Blue Bomber has been pretty important to me in my gaming life, and I’m ecstatic that he’s seeing a renaissance. I think Super Smash Bros was a big contributor to that.

He’s not the best character in the game, but I can hold my own with him. Ask Frosty.

CJ Andriessen
Character: Little Mac (Punch Out)

I love Little Mac because even though I’m fat and getting older by the minute, each time I start up Punch-Out I start to think that maybe I could become a champion boxer. It’ll never happen — I can’t throw a punch to save my life — but thoughts like those are really the only thing keeping me from going off on people every fucking day of my life.

Chris Hovermale
Character: Greninja (World of Final Fantasy)

Greg is the best ninja accountant I’ve ever seen. With his night-black business-casual attire, his attunement to the whispers of the office, and literal frog legs, he can go anywhere unnoticed. He counts the bodies of his enemies like pennies in a jar. None who witness his prowess over the shadows speak of him out of fear of becoming his next penny, thus they allow him to keep pouring excessive water out of the water cooler.

Luckily, typing isn’t speaking, and ninja accountants are bound to their code of honor, lest their already pitiful wages are slashed further.

Character: Mii (Wii)

This is my sad tribute to the poor creatures brought to life by the cruelest of us. The miserable and unfulfilled souls who only exist to entertain us. Google “ugly Mii” and you’ll see them, their horrified stares and their monstrous features. Never once in their lives did they have a chance to become something more meaningful. Only by a desire for twisted entertainment do you allow them to be.

Also, they play tennis and golf and shit pretty much all the time. Must be exhausting.

Inquisitive Ravenclaw
Character: Palutena (Kid Icarus)

I always liked how unique the Custom moves were in Smash 4, and Palutena was the perfect poster girl for the system! Unlike most other fighters, she became a totally different character based on what you gave her. They were just fun to mess around with.

In addition, I really like Palutena’s carefree attitude and penchant for snark. Even in Kid Icarus Uprising, her conversations with Pit and the rest were the highlight of the game for me. It made it all the sadder when she tried to stall for the Pits in the World of Light opening. Her Reflect didn’t last even a second, but I’m sure she tried her hardest to make it count…

Wes and Occam’s
Character: Pac-Man (Not just the Pac-Men, but the Pac-Women and the Pac-Children too)


Pac-Man is a fucking degenerate. He takes a bunch of pills in a futile attempt to bury the ghosts of his past. He puts on a bow and trolls the mall for dong under his ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ persona. He pops a pacifier into his mouth and pretends to be a baby, presumably shitting himself for the pleasure of having someone clean up after him. His life is out of control, which makes him the best character to use in Smash.



The sound Pac-Man makes is one of my favorite video game noises ever.

Character: Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)

I’m really feeling it!

Character: Duck Hunt (no)

i gave up drawing this

That’s it for this very, very special edition of Destructoid Draws. Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and to you for reading! Organizing these is not always easy, but it’s always a ton of fun.

Do you have any Super Smash Bros. stories to share yourself? In any case, if you’re feeling nostalgic and want to check previous Destructoid Draws entries, you can check them out below:

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