Destructoid contest: Win TimeShift for the Xbox 360 or PC

I attended the TimeShift launch event in San Francisco last week and learned a few things from it. I learned that there are people in this world that enjoy eating mashed potatoes and macaroni out of Martini glasses. I learned that you should never ever go near a girl that’s covered in nothing but silver if you’re wearing your favorite jacket. More importantly, I learned what the hell TimeShift was.
Shortly before the event took place, I had no idea what this game was all about (as you can tell by the video). As it turned out, the game was pretty good. I love FPS games and I love doing a Hiro Nakamura with the time shifting abilities. 
After the event, we scored a few copies of the game and instantly thought of giving it away to you dear readers. What do you have to do? Well the brilliant Colette Bennett came up with the contest: Photoshop the editors of Destructoid into different time periods. Whatever you come up with, post it in the comments of this post. You have until November 12th to turn in your entries.
First place will win a copy of TimeShift on the Xbox 360. Second and third place winners will win the PC version. Fourth place winner will receive a picture of a cat that I’m going to draw personnaly. Good luck. 
Hamza Aziz