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Everyone’s favorite Batman

[This week’s interview is with one of Dtoid’s most prolific Qtoid posters and habitual Photoshoppers, ZombZ. Keep it up, Moyse, and shoot him a message if you want to be a part of this outstanding community tradition. ~Strider]

Hello again, Destructoid! The kinkiest interviewer on the block, Chris Moyse, returns with the 2nd of my Community Interviews. Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your wonderful support and feedback last week. Let’s show the good folk of Dtoid how much youse guys care for each other’s darkest secrets. Shine your spotlight brighter still.

I hope you enjoy today’s interview which features Qpost regular, decaying superhero and Photoshop master; it’s ZombZ, Of course. It’s another long one, so grab a drink and settle in y’all!

OL: Hey mang, thanks for taking time to join me for this soiree, but who the fuck is ZombZ?

ZombZ: Hey there. Whew, already starting with the tough existential questions? Well, I have no idea, but let’s find out?

OL: My first question got no reply! I quit.

ZombZ: I’ve beaten you already! I’ll give you another chance.

OL: Most people don’t remember how they came to Dtoid, so I’ll just ask why you *stay* at Dtoid.

ZombZ: You’re correct. I have no idea how I ended up in this beautiful place. I stay because I think I really connected here with some people. This site and community is an oddity, it allows me to be myself and accepts it. I’ve also learned a lot about myself for this reason. I don’t know why, but other communities never let me relax like this. It’s fantastic.

Aside from some frontpage stuff, the comments really pulled me in and won’t let go. I barely have to use a filter for my mouth fingers and can still have semi-intelligent conversations. There are so many nice people around here, I couldn’t even list them off the top of my head.

OL: I’ve been a part of many VG communities before, but Dtoid is one that I think has somewhat even changed the way I see myself, so I can relate to what you’re saying.

Do you think Dtoid has an ‘openness’ that also people to be themselves? perhaps even be more daring than they would elsewhere?

ZombZ: I’m a living, breathing example of it, so I agree 100%. Most communities never managed to make me stop lurking, and even then I was more reserved there than in real life.

OL: You talk of the nice muddy funsters around here. Is there anyone you particularly connect to? Who you’d like to hook up with for fun n’ games?

ZombZ: Is this the “Bang, Marry or Kill” question?

OL: I assumed I was the answer in all three cases anyway.

ZombZ: You’re right about that. Except the order “might” change.


ZombZ: I think I somewhat hit it off with Malthor since day one. He’s a great dude and indulged me on all my Overwatch posts. I can feel a passion there. I considered bouble-dipping on Overwatch just so I could play with him and others on PS4.

I’ve also talked quite a lot to Weslikestacos and I believe co-op matches HAVE to happen at some point. I mean, I think we’re past the third gamer-date. Deadmoon & Vadicta also deserve a shoutout. Well, I already said I can’t list all of them off the top of my head. I love you people.

ZombZ: Bouble-dipping is a typo but I think it deserves to become a phrase.

OL: To love something is to know its faults. What’s wrong with Destructoid?

ZombZ: Oh. Now I’ll make some enemies.

I think we can be repetitive at times. I like our site-wide memes, but I have some issues with *gasp* Catgirl Friday. There are so many posts for CatGirlFriday, CatBoyThursday, Magical/Mechanical Monday and similar, that the other posts become overlooked. I’m not saying we should stop, but maybe not make 50 QPs about it every day. We do still have comment sections, y’know?

I also don’t like many of the frontpage discussions, but that’s to be expected since we are still an open community on a popular topic. I’ve been in a few discussions that I have regretted.

OL: I think the latter is a problem on every open forum, from video game sites to the United Nations. People are so divided, throw in some trouble makers and anonymity and you have a recipe for fightin’.

The aforementioned Qpost section has been very popular, I know I use it more than actual social media feeds. You’re a regular Qposter too, your thoughts?

ZombZ: I absolutely love the Qposts. It’s like Twitter, but you start with a bunch of followers that care about similar things. I don’t use ANY other social media. Most of them become so big (1000 friends) that they collapse under their own weight. It’s odd that I care more about some stranger’s amiibo collection than my relative’s baby pictures, but I do. And that’s okay.

OL: Well, amiibo don’t cry, crap, and puke so that’s understandable. Oh God, I might have just given The Big N a new idea.

ZombZ: Imagine an amiibo starting to cry when it’s used as a buttplug. Poor Bowser.

OL: Let’s talk Reel lyfe ZombZ. What is something that might surprise Dtoiders about yourself?

ZombZ: Hmm. I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but I’m a standby firefighter. I hope that comes as somewhat of a surprise. Some people would be surprised about how much of the weird stuff I say sometimes is true. For instance, I somewhat believe in Solipsism.
I’m a pretty awesome dad too IMHO. My kid hit the jackpot with me.

OL: A firefighter?? No way! Have you been in any danger? Or do the reserves do the less hazardous tasks?

ZombZ: For starters, my declining health keeps me from doing it for the foreseeable future, but I’m technically still on the roster. The reserves usually don’t have to deal with massive firestorms and the biggest job of the fire department is oil/chemical spills, water damage, and blocked roads. I’ve never saved anyone, so I don’t have a cool story about that, but I’ve been in quite a few buildings that were on fire. It’s an amazing feeling and if I could turn back the clock I’d devote my life to a career as a full-time firefighter. I.T. is incredibly dull by comparison.

If you have a son/daughter that says they wanna grow up to be a firefighter, make it happen.

OL: Jobs like that I’m sure can give you a very different view on life and its fragility. Fire-fighting that is, not I.T. I respect your bravery, ZombZ. You should be very proud of that role.

OL: I’ve always known what ‘Solipsism’ is, and I certainly didn’t just Google it right now, but for those who don’t, why not briefly explain the concept.

ZombZ: It’s a philosophical idea that is pretty outrageous and silly, but can’t truly be proven wrong.

In simple terms, it’s this: “I think therefore I am.” is accepted as truth. My existence is proved by the questioning of it. This is where Solipsism comes into play. “I can’t prove that you think, therefore you might not be/exist.” As far as I’m concerned it’s very possible that everyone, besides me, is a figment of my own imagination.

OL: If you work in retail, you might need that philosophy to get by.

ZombZ: Lol. It’s pretty stupid, I admit. I’m not a smart man anyway.

OL: Philosophy is rarely stupid. It allows us to break into realities. Every day I find that people are becoming more predictable in what they want, like, enjoy, or their expectations of marriage/kids and what constitutes ‘success.’ It’s philosophizing that lets us break free from these self-created ‘norms.’

OL: It was a surprise to learn you have a beautiful wife and daughter (not the same person) as I had your age skewed a bit younger. How’s that Guile family-man life working out?

ZombZ: It’s pretty great. I’m basically Mae Hughes when it comes to my daughter. She’s adorable as fudge, I’m very proud of her. The thing about parenthood that surprised me, is how little I changed. I’m still gaming. I still make time for friends and I’m immature enough to surprise you with my family. The only downside is that I have to deal with other parents and children. I hate most parents and children.

My wife is a very awesome gal because she’s the only one who really gets me. I’m quite cold and emotionally distant. The most romantic thing I said to her recently is “I’d never hit you, because you’re way too useful to me. Also, boobs.” She actually wears the pants in the relationship, so I can get away with stuff like that.

OL: Do you think your daughter will enjoy gaming? Might we see a Little Miss ZombZ?

ZombZ: Absolutely! I have such a passion for this hobby I can’t possibly imagine a future where she’s not infected by it. She already loves everything I do anyway. I’m looking forward to her carrying my aging butt through a lot of co-op matches.

OL: I guess we should talk about stoopid vidyagamez. How long have you been gaming? Do you have a favorite genre or game?

ZombZ: I’ve been gaming since forever. I don’t really remember my first games, unfortunately. My memory is failing a lot. My favorite genre is RPGs. I like how they have infected almost every other genre. My favorite game is most likely Final Fantasy IX. I just love everything about it. It’s pure perfection.

OL: Controversial FF choice, IX is a pretty polarizing entry.

ZombZ: Yeah, but I’ve felt a lot of love around these parts for it. I appreciate its uniqueness and how downright dark it gets. The main character was also a complete 180 from previous protagonists. Zidane is always in a good mood, despite living in the darkest world. Cloud and Squall are just too brooding for my taste. I-VI just can’t compare to the 3D ones. Wouldn’t know how to rank them, but Kefka is the king.

OL: You’re a proponent of the wacky world of virtual reality. What is it that you’re excited for? Or do you just love The Lawnmower Man?

ZombZ: I intend on spending my Xmas bonus on a Vive. I tried it out in a store and it’s just amazing. There are a lot of people who are indifferent to VR at best, but I think the technology is really worth supporting. I think everybody who treats it like a gimmick should at least try it out once. Now that you said it, “Lawnmower Man: The VR Experience” needs to happen!

OL: It’s not for me. But, everyone should try one. I tried the PSVR and the tech is brilliant. This is early days too, I can only imagine how it will improve…This feels like we’re doing an infomercial now.

ZombZ: Kinda, yeah.

OL: ‘That’s item #2214, LIMITED STOCK!’

OL: The industry has been a hot topic for years now, many VG sites live off of the controversy surrounding it. What are your thoughts on the gaming industry and its controversies?

ZombZ: Most of the controversies feel very surreal to me. I think we as gamers have become somewhat addicted to being offended. It’s like many people define their self-worth by just how much they can belittle other people’s interest. It’s not just about lewd games and sexism. It’s also about things like mobile gaming, hardcore/casual gamers. I don’t remember this behavior from the arcades. If someone wanted to play a crappy game, that just meant the line on Contra was shorter.

OL: The hardcore/casual gamer thing drives me up the wall. They’re buzzwords invented by suits to pigeon-hole us as a community, and now WE use it to define each other. We’re spreading poison. And not mai waifu Poison.

OL: No gaming conversation with you could pass without mentioning a particular old dude with a banjo.

ZombZ: :3

OL: Tell us about your relationship with Phalanx Cover Guy.

ZombZ: It is a deeply loving and caring relationship. I keep him alive and he keeps me sane. Seriously, Photoshop has become a video game to me. It’s a game that I play whenever I don’t feel like doing anything at all. And when I’m done slapping that charming old bastard’s face on whatever stupid thing I picked out that time, I become oddly proud of myself. I can start in a bad mood and once I’ve finished a project, you can be sure to see a smile on my face. I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing this one-man-meme show. I still update my blog about him whenever I get a new picture.

OL: The recent FFXV one was very good, you had to pay attention.

ZombZ: I show all of my “work” to my wife. If she doesn’t laugh I trash it. So there is some quality assurance going on.

OL: I did all of five minutes research, but couldn’t find anything on his identity. Who do you think he is?

ZombZ: I NEED TO KNOW. I spent 10 hours searching for ANYTHING. But there’s next to no information out there. If I were a real journalist, my first step would be to track down the publisher and investigate from there.

OL: Sounds like a challenge for someone reading this. What would their reward be?

ZombZ: Money. Cold hard cash. Give me real information about him and a picture from another angle and I’d pay $100.

OL: OH SH*T! Now I’m looking for him.

OL: Do you have a game of 2016?

ZombZ: Probably Overwatch. I was hyped for it and it DIDN’T disappoint. I know it’s a mainstream opinion, but it is what it is. We can’t all be edgy. I mean if the game wasn’t good enough on its own. Its porn alone would make it GotY. :>

OL: Ding-Ding! We have the correct answer. You win a snapped Banjo string.

ZombZ: I can make use of that. XCOM 2 is also really great. I enjoyed what they changed from the original.

OL: You love the anime cartoon show films. What is your favorite anime? I know you’re a huge Berserk fan.

ZombZ: Berserk would be my favorite anime, if it were finished. Just covering the Golden Age arc and ending on the eclipse feels unfinished even after 20 years. I still consider it required watching for any aficionado. Favorite show is FMA: Brotherhood. The story and art are brilliant. I can’t really find a flaw with the show. Movie would be a tie between Ghost in the Shell and Sword of the Stranger. I think everything that can be said about GitS, has already been said by smarter folks than me. SotS is just an absolute delight to watch. The story isn’t deep, but it’s workable and the animation is top notch. Entertaining media at its best.

OL: The consensus is that 2016 has been a pretty rough year. How has it been for you? What do you hope for in 2017?

ZombZ: 2016 was pretty crappy, yeah. I hope, but don’t expect the world to settle down a bit. World politics are a mess right now and more populistic than ever. I’d like less outrage and more levelheadedness. Personally, I hope my health gets better. I hope the many games in Q1 of 2017 live up to the hype. I hope things get better for everyone else too.

OL: I think many people would agree with you on a lot of those points.

ZombZ: That’s a step in the right direction!

OL: Final Five: Best Overwatch waifu/husbando.

ZombZ: Hard to decide between Mercy and Mei, but I’ll go with Mercy. I consider her Team-Mom role to be canon. She also fits well with the husbando: Reinhardt. The coolest Hasselhoff fans on the block. Proving old farts can be awesome.

OL: The one album you’ll never tire of hearing

ZombZ: That’s so damn hard. The Wall by Pink Floyd.

 Snake girls.. Why’d it have to be Snake girls?

ZombZ: Catgirls are just humans with a different set of ears and a butt handle. Snake girls are adorable, give the best hugs and… have useful tongues.

OL: Heh, good for bondage fans too. :3

ZombZ: Squeeze me.

OL: Have you fully recovered from your recent bout of COMPLETELY DECAYING?

ZombZ: No. I’m very tempted to start that up again. The only thing keeping me from it, is that I’d rather come up with something new to entertain the few people who like my silly little meta-jokes. Fun fact: My head is made of paper-mache now. Looks good though, right?

OL: If you could tell your younger self anything, what advice would you give?

ZombZ: I’d tell myself to become a full-time firefighter. I wasted so much time figuring out what I wanted in life and while I’m happy with how it turned out, I should have taken a shortcut. I’d also tell myself to get it on with my wife ASAP. I’d like to tell myself to stop being so darn gloomy all the time. Life only started getting good once I stopped being a downer.

OL: Thanks for taking the time to sit and chat, it was cool to hear a little more about you and your life, ZombZ. I think you’re an important part of the Qpost world, and people really get a kick out of your posts, memes, and Photoshop projects.

ZombZ: Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. I’d like to thank you for having me and taking up the job of Interviewer. It’s a fun series and I’m looking forward to reading more about my fellow ‘toiders.

OL: The final words are yours, grasp the mic:

ZombZ: I’d like each and everyone reading this to be a bit more positive. Video games have come a very long way and are better than ever. Sure, sometimes there might be some things we dislike, but that doesn’t take away from the good stuff that’s still there. Ignore the shady Pay2Win schemes and focus on the Overwatch R34. Try to actively “like” stuff. Recently I watched Big O because Torchman wouldn’t shut up about it. Turns out I loved it. There’s always a reason why a person obsesses about something. (That was a hint to go watch Sword of the Stranger.)

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