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2B or not 2B

[This week’s interview for the front page is for NathanD, who we can simply refer to as the resident Nier Automata and 2B enthusiast. Another regular on Qtoid over in the community section of our website. ~Strider]

Hey Destructoid, Welcome back to Community Interviews. I’ve finished hanging the ball-gags on the tree and I’m ready for the festive period. A time of togetherness and goodwill, I will be sitting on my own, watching Angela Mao movies. Before the holiday chaos commences I have another kewl Interview for y’all. So all that remains is for me to thank all you peeps for your ongoing support, and to sincerely wish all readers and Dtoid staff a very Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

Now, pour yourself a festive drink and let’s hand it over to the man of the hour: It’s good ol’ NathanD

OL: Thanks for joining me today, good brother, but who the fuck is NathanD?

ND: Just a 27-year-old dude from the modest Midwest that loves games. I’m 27, I know this may blow some minds.

OL: Higher or lower than some would expect?

ND: Higher, I would think.

OL: How many of those 27 years have been spent on Destructoid?

ND: I think back in August it was two years. It surprises me every day that its only been that long. It feels like I’ve been here for a decade. In a good way. I only really started frequenting last Spring, so its actually been less than that.

OL: That surprises me too, I thought you’d been here much longer, I guess that’s a representation of how much you’re embedded in the community. What has kept you here?

ND: I guess its just the overall atmosphere. You can talk about pretty much anything at all times, and you’ll never get the NOT GAMING RELATED spiel from anybody. The goofier the better. I realized that comments could get off topic real quick, and I loved that. Tons of good memories of just absurd comment threads.

OL: I have heard tales told of sites that will steal your soul if you wander off-topic. Baffling to me, as I’d rather make friends and expand on personalities than just argue the basic semantics of the topic. Have you yourself made friends & lovers at Dtoid?

ND: Absolutely! I’ve found the kind of friends here I’ve been looking for my entire life. I’m a bit hesitant to name names since I don’t want anyone to feel left out, but by now you should know who you are as far as developing a rapport. I will go out on a limb and give a special shout out to Gajknight. I think we really are kindred spirits.

OL: To love something is to know its faults. What’s wrong with Destructoid?

ND: Hmm, the main thing I can think of for me is just stuff that’s unfortunately endemic to sites in general. When a certain hot-button topic comes around, it seems hundreds of “one timers” show up out of nowhere and shit-stir. There’s nothing you can really do about it though, except hope the moderators are on the case. Oh, SHOUT OUT TO MODS, especially Occams, the dude’s amazing.

OL: If Destructoid had a poster boy/girl, who’s a contender for the spot? Who’s the John Cena of Dtoid, so to speak?

ND: That’s a fun question. If we’re talking strictly members and not staff, again, I’d probably have to go back to Gajknight. Yes, the bromance is real. Gaj is definitely the most obligatory user I can think of. Whenever he pops up to comment, its just gold. I think he kind of encapsulates the irreverent, perverted nature of Dtoid.

OL: He’s such a Destructoid Dreamboat. I think that’s a good choice.

ND: Whew, can we move on? All this talk about Gaj, it’s giving me the vapors *fans self*

OL: This is your spotlight Nathan, so let’s talk about youse. How’s life?

ND: Well, I’m kind of taking some time off to refocus. I got laid off from my job I had for eight years, which is fine. I had to go to school to keep the position, so between school and work all those years, I was just mentally and physically exhausted. In the past couple of years I learned that I have Bipolar Disorder and Dyslexia, so that didn’t help. I’m not saying that just for people to go “Aww, poor thing,” I just always state that for my own sake so people realize that I had some issues beyond my control. I’m sure there are people reading who have worked harder and longer than me with higher stakes at hand. Basically, I’ve been working on trying to figure out how to go forward with this new knowledge so I don’t get burnt out again.

OL: It’s pretty brave of you to admit that you suffer from tough conditions on a public forum. One thing I have gathered from Dtoid is that there are quite a few members suffering from draining mental illnesses, myself included. It can be comforting to see how common some of these issues are between us, and to have a place to share them openly. Are you able to return to the job eventually or will you move on to pastures new?

ND: No, I won’t be returning to it. It was a Student Aid job with no potential for advancement. My time there allowed me to develop some great relationships and contacts that I can use as references in the future, so I feel pretty good about that. It wasn’t all for naught.

OL: Experience and networking are pretty dang valuable today. You come across as a genuine, smart person. I know you’ll come out of this time of focus for the better.

ND: Thanks! I appreciate that, truly.

OL: Other than gaming, What do you like to do to relax?

ND: As far as leisurely activities go, mostly music. I’ve been playing guitar for about 10 years now. I’m not much for writing stuff myself, but I love trying to learn new songs. That, combined with fiddling with my amps and their settings, hours disappear quite easily.

OL: I play bass myself, I haven’t the skill for guitar my sausage fingers can’t handle chords.

OL: Like many ‘Toiders, you’re an anime fan, right?

ND: Sure, but if I think about it, I’m actually pretty CASUAL LOL. I haven’t really strayed too far from the well-known series.

OL: Well, let’s talk Evangelion, and your beloved Rei Ayanami. What are your thoughts on Eva and your relationship with its protagonist, who you led into the infamous Waifu Wars of 2015.

ND: Oh man, Eva. I have a weird relationship with it. I was trying to get back into anime in 2013, and I heard that it was required watching, so I tried it out. I got through the whole series and came away thinking that its reputation as a classic was earned. It focused on the psychological deconstruction of the characters, which I loved. I figured I might as well watch The End of Evangelion to complete the saga, and that’s when everything changed. It’s such a cliche to say that a movie or game “changed my life” but EoE did.

My mind was just completely blown, particularly when Komm Susser Todd starts. Easily my favorite movie of all time. As for Rei, I just kind of identify with her as, upon doing some research into the show, she is thought to have Schizoid Personality Disorder. Not that I think I have that, I just identify with it. She’s just cool. It’s unfortunate that her archetype became such a trope.

OL: We often become attached to fictional characters that share our own characteristics. Sometimes we feel this connection before the trait is even revealed. Speaking of Rei, I love your avatar, it never gets old.

ND: Ha! Yeah, before I started coming here I always went for “cool” avatars. My go-to one was the SEELE logo. Then I decided to branch and go for goofy ones. Glad to hear it’s made an impression on at least one person.

OL: If Eva got a live-action movie, like the upcoming Ghost in the Shell adaptation, do you have an actress who you’d like to see don Rei’s bodysuit?

ND: Ugh, first of all, I just think live-action anime adaptions are the dumbest shit. ANYWAY, in Eva‘s case it is just so distinctly Japanese that I think it would have to be Japanese actors. In that case, I’d have to go with Yui Ishikawa. She’s actually the voice actress for 2B in Nier, and she has the perfect voice for Rei.

OL: This moves us neatly onto my next question: 2B or not 2B?

ND: Toobie! Obviously.

OL: She’s lovely.

ND: These are plain facts.

OL: On Dtoid this morning, the comment section on a Nier article was literally calling specifically for your input, such is your reputed fandom. You must be really excited for that game, right?

ND: Yeah. It’s weird, Nier probably isn’t even in my top five, but it left such a big impression on me. It’s mostly just the overall mystique of the director, Yoko Taro, that elevates it. There’s really no other game like it. It’s such an ugly and unappealing game in itself, with the most mediocre combat, but Taro’s direction and storytelling just puts it on another level. The music is transcendent. As far as 2B, it’s hard to nail down what it is about her. Maybe it’s the stark contrast of the dead, lifeless world the game takes place in against her extravagant outfit. The blindfold is also very cool.

OL: I’m a big fan of the blindfold too. I think she’s an intriguing and cool character. BUT, should Waifu #1 Rei be concerned?

ND: Well, I never actually looked at Rei in a sexualized manner, though she can be sexy, sure. But should Rei be worried about 2B if we are talking ‘on that level’? ABSOLUTELY.



OL: You’ll probably shake the community to its core with that bombshell! We better move on before the pitchforks come out. Tell me about your history with vidyagaming, what does it mean to you?

ND: I got a Sega Genesis when I was six. My first game was Ecco the Dolphin because I was obsessed with the ocean and marine life. I seem to remember that it was kind of scary with the atmosphere and sense of loneliness, and is probably the reason I have a fear of drowning to this day. Thanks vidyagames!

I’ve had pretty much every console after that, so I have a pretty broad range of favourite games: Resident Evil 4, RE2, RE Remake, Metroid Prime, Half-Life 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, many others. The latest one I’d put on that list would be Bloodborne. Since I got that Genesis, gaming has been part of my life in a big way. Lately though, I can feel myself falling out of love with them, at least newer games. I get frustrated, and it’s harder for them to hold my attention. I’d be crushed if I somehow decided I didn’t like games anymore. That all said, I haven’t been this excited to be a gamer in a long time. Lots of games that I’m looking forward to all at once, rather than in the past few years, where I’d have maybe one game a year.

OL: You brought up several Resident Evil games there. It’s pretty much common knowledge that you’re a huge Resi fan. Can you pick a series favorite?

ND: Ugh, it’s so hard. REmake is probably my favorite in terms of what I think Resident Evil should be, formula-wise. As far as pure gameplay goes; RE4 for sure. It’s also probably my favorite game of all time. It just never gets old for me, the gameplay still feels as good and satisfying now as when it came out. It just has perfect pacing and a sense of progression. It’s like the first Half-Life where it feels like your situation is getting worse every minute, but you progressively feel more badass thanks to the wonderfully addictive upgrade system. It’s just so good!

OL: Let’s say they’re making the last ever Resi game. A team of five previous heroes is going in to take down Umbrella for good. This is it. The final battle. Who are the five heroes?

ND: Oh man. Ummm…Claire, Leon, Jill, I guess Barry and, obviously, TOFU.

OL: Because they’ll get hungry?

ND: Well, I’m assuming zombies don’t like tofu, so he’d be a great point man to put out front while the others back him up… hmmm, I’ve put too much thought into this.

OL: Hey that’s good logic! Plus, Tofu be handy with a blade.

OL: Nate, are you aware of how many of your Qposts have pictures of girls attached?


OL: Well, I thought I’d combine your love of ladies with your love of Resident Evil for a fun game (fun not guaranteed) I’ve got some cool ladies here cosplaying as Resi gals, and I wanna get a couple of thoughts on the characters in question. Shall I begin?

ND: Lol, absolutely.

OL: Easy one first. It’s Ada Wong, of course.
ND: Oh, definitely love Ada. She’s a true badass, and she can make as many appearances as she wants.

OL: Looky here; It’s the sorely missed Sheva Alomar.
ND: Is Sheva really missed? I really don’t care if I ever see her again. Nothing really special about her. Definitely HAWT, though.
ND: Fair enough!

OL: Now a gal I’ve not actually encountered myself. It’s Jessica Sherawat.
ND: Oh, you know what, I actually never got that far into Revelations, so I don’t have much of a comment. She seemed cool, though, so yeah, she can make a return fo’ sho’

OL: Here’s possibly my favorite Resi gal, just for her grace, arrogance, and fashion. It’s Resi 5‘s bitchy executive, Excella Gionne.
 Oh yeeeaah. Forgot about her. Now that I think about it, most of the other girls are badass military types, so yeah, she adds a nice “corporate” angle to the characters. But, for story reasons, I don’t think she’ll be returning. But this is RE, so who knows?

OL: I’ve tried hard not to let this turn this into a judgemental beauty pageant. But I thought I’d allow us, as bonafide studs, a chance to let loose our desires on this last gal.

OL: ..It’s Lisa Trevor.
ND: HAWT HAWT HAWT. Total waifu. (image saved)
OL: Hold the door Rei, 2B is leaving with ya. You’re so fickle, Nathan!
ND: It’s a real problem! I never said I was perfect 🙁

OL: You know what else wasn’t perfect? 2016. In fact, in many eyes, it was pretty awful. How was it for you personally? And what are you looking forward to in 2017? 

ND: Yeah, it was awful in the big picture. Just a lot of really bad events globally speaking, as well as us losing some truly unique and inspiring people. Actually, that goes nicely into what I look forward to next year. I look forward to NOT CARING so much. Not being ignorant of current events, obviously, but not feeling like I have such a personal duty to call out things that are bullshit. I think it was Pat from Two Best Friends, that said: “Everything is stupid. That’s what I’ve learned.” He’s totally right, and that’s okay. I just need to learn to accept that better.

OL: Final Five: If you could visit any country, which would you choose?
ND: New Zealand. Just breathtakingly beautiful.

OL: What’s your biggest fetish?
ND: I guess thigh highs. Is that technically a fetish, though?
OL: Sure it is. There’s even a name for getting hot over the little bit of leg that gets pinched at the very top, but I’ve forgotten it. Ask Gaj.
ND: Skindentation? Okay yeah, I like that too. Haha!

OL: Can you sing? Dance?
ND: I couldn’t dance to save my life. It’s just bad, really bad. I have been told I have a nice singing voice a few times, particularly falsetto.

OL: What makes you immediately happy, no matter your mood?
ND: It’s specific, but I guess hearing any song off of Boston’s debut album. It’s impossible for me not to feel good after hearing any of those songs.

OL: Finally, as a collector, what’s your videogame ‘Holy Grail’?
ND: Hmmm, probably the European version of Silent Hill 2, with the behind-the-scenes DVD and awesome box art. We always get screwed out of good box art in the U.S.

OL: Nathan, Thank you for chatting with me about vidyagames, waifus, life, and everything in-between. It’s been great learning a little more about the man behind the rad avatar. I respect your passion for gaming of yesteryear and we all love the input you bring to the Qposts. You’re a sharp doode with a good attitude.
The final words are yours, so grasp the mic:

ND: Wow, thanks. I guess I just want to give a sincere thank you to everybody here. So many friends irl have come and gone either through them not sharing as much of a love of games and/or them not getting my sense of humor, but I feel like people here get me completely. Actually interacting with people personally as opposed to over the internet is obviously a completely different dynamic, but still. I don’t show up on Discord or actually participate in community activities as I would like, but just know that I enjoy and appreciate our interactions. So yeah, Just thanks!

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