Will you be playing anything spoopy this Halloween nite?

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Cblogs of 10/23 to 10/30/2022

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-manasteel88 has gotten into the Halloween spirit by making their own spoopy game!

-BravoF1ve takes a look at the cartoonish horrific indie hit Cult of the Lamb.

-TroyFullbuster offers up a review of Sega hack ‘n’ slash classic Bayonetta.

-Kerrik52 continues their uber-epic exploration of the Legacy of Kain series.

-TaterChimp is pretty sure that they can define every Final Fantasy title as a type of cake.

-Lord Spencer continues their Mega Man odyssey with a look at 2015’s Mega Man 11

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-PhilsPhindings looks at the connections between Mega Man themes and electro-blues music.

-PhilsPhindings looks at the connections between Mega Man themes and fiery salsa music.

-Chronolynxx welcomes the weekend with another community-themed TGIF thread.

Thanks for the blogs this week, folks! Some really great entries with some nicely themed creepy characters… And Mega Man. If you wanna join in on the HOT TAKE party, then head on over to the Cblogs section right now. Spill your thoughts on all matters gaming, and you will find yourself recapped on this here front page next week.

Stay spooky!

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