Destructoid Bomberman costume now available for download

If you’ve somehow missed the news, you should know that Destructoid has partnered with Hudson to make video gaming magic (well, it’s magic to us), and now Mr. Destructoid has become a playable character in Bomberman Live for the Xbox Live Arcade. Today, the Bomb-Up Pack 2 is available for download on Xbox Live, letting players sport the Destructoid helmet and suit while they bomb for domination.

Grab Bomb-Up Pack 2 for 250 Microsoft Points ($3.12) and you’ll get ten new characters (including Mr. Destructoid), two new levels, the new “Bomb Shelters” game mode, and two new leaderboards. Just make sure you already have Bomb-Up Pack 1 already installed. And you’ll definitely want to suit up before the Friday Night Fights.

What do you think? Are you ready to drop some bombs, Destructoid style?  

Dale North