Destructoid/Blastworks level design contest UPDATE: Enter Yoshi’s Cave

It’s been another slow week for the contest, and another week of people emailing asking me to wait “just a few more days!” before posting the week’s entries because they are “almost done!” with their levels. Well folks, almost only counts in games of horseshoes and hand grenades. Sorry, but thems the rules.

As the week’s sole entry, Yoshi’s Cave by qoouep automatically makes to the contest’s semi-finals. It’s a nice little level filled with custom enemies, power ups, and background elements lifted straight from Super Mario World. It plays like Super Mario World as well, specifically like one of the brutally demanding auto scrolling levels from the game. Nice use of environmental hazards, on the fly adjustment of the screen’s scroll speed, strategic enemy placement, plus a last boss fight that finally reveals the true face of those jerky football loving Koopas, all come together to make Yoshi’s Cave another quality Blast Works experience.

But is it better than the level that you were working on? We may never know, unless you hurry up and finish it. Those prizes aren’t going to win themselves, you know. 


Jonathan Holmes
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