Destructoid/Blast Works contest UPDATE: Some people entered

This contest is starting off to a slow start, but a good start none the less. People seem to be taking the task of creating their own Blast Works levels very seriously, as both of the current entries to the Destructoid/Blast Works level design contest are extremely well thought out and fun.

Pest Quest, by user Pacario, features over ten original enemies, horizontal and vertical movement, and a last boss as memorable as any seen in the “real” game. No sticky enemies are to be found in the level, which gives it a real old-school flavored challenge. Fantastic work, Pacario. This one makes it into the semi-finals.

The other current entry to contest, Zycyzyx by Gryzor, has a huge amount of potential. It feels like it’s totally new game, with it’s own power-up system, original art design, and even a title screen. If this one was a little longer and featured a true boss fight, it would have made it in the semi-finals. Gryzor says that this is really just a work in progress, which is fantastic news. When the real Zycyzyx is finished, it has a good chance at taking itself to the top.

Don’t quit now, boys! Keep those entries coming! This is just starting to get good.  

Jonathan Holmes
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