Destructoid at the Russian consulate

I’ve been to some really crazy places in my blogging career. Never did I once imagine that I would end up in the Russian consulate because of it.

It was a really swanky event. The food was authentic (right down to the mini pancake things), there were several ladies dressed up as the Bride from Kill Bill for whatever reason and lots Vodka and caviar was had. 

So why were Ben PerLee and I at the Russian consulate last week? To check out some Russian developed videogames of course! 1C Company invited out members of the press to check out an assortment of upcoming games ranging from military shooters, flight games and even a big rig racing game in the style of 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker

You’ll be seeing a handful of posts from Ben and me throughout the day today on all of the games we saw. In the mean time, please go ahead and live vicariously through our night at the Russian consulate in the gallery below (pictures by Ben).

Also, we got sweet Russian hats! I feel like I can wrestle a bear wearing this thing!

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