Destroy All Humans and Intellivision are quality titles hitting Xbox Originals

According to a posting on GamerScoreBlog, THQ’s Destroy All Humans! and Crave Entertainment’s Intellivision Lives! are slated to hit the Xbox Originals platform on Xbox Live Marketplace September 15th. The exclamation points in the names mean that these titles are hectic, involving, and supposedly exciting.

Both titles will cost the standard 1,200 Microsoft Points and shall serve as an excellent addition to a line up that already consists of great titles like Fuzion Frenzy, and Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows. Surely, all of you are already frothing at the mouth as I am at the mere thought of buying all of these amazing games.

Will the Xbox Originals platform ever fail us? I would hate if I had to slog through excessively weak Xbox titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Knights of the Old Republic, or Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that this never happens.

Brad BradNicholson