Destiny’s Trials of Osiris returns today, but only on PS4 and Xbox One

Iron Banner is back next week

Destiny just got a brand new expansion, and of course, more events are on the way.

The Trials of Osiris PVP mode that’s been running since May of 2015 is back, and although we aren’t sure what map it’s going to feature (it’s just one standard arena the whole weekend), it starts today at 10AM PT. In other PVP news, Iron Banner (read: a juiced-up event with better rewards) kicks off on Tuesday at the same time. Note that this entire expansion is centered around the Iron Lords, and there’s a progress book achievement for reaching the top rank five times (there’s a progress book notation for Trials too, actually).

As a reminder, most activities aren’t going to be available on legacy consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) — Bungie has gone full steam ahead on the current generation, which should make for a smoother experience overall.

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