Destiny’s child: Work has started on Destiny 2

And expansions, of course

Activision Blizzard is making all sorts of money in its latest financial quarter. This is due in large part to the success of Destiny, which has 9.5 million “registered users,” the average of which is playing the game for three hours a day. How?

Anyways, a sequel to the “largest new franchise launch in videogame history” is already in development. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explained that the next “full game” in the Destiny series is already in the works. So too are various expansions for the first game, of course.  

Destiny’s Child probably shouldn’t be expected anytime soon if that whole “10 year plan” thing wasn’t a load. Mostly I wanted to continue my running gag of using Destiny’s Child pictures for all articles relating to this game, but I haven’t written about it in a while because it bores me.

Steven Hansen