Destiny players have clocked up 2 billion hours

(Only half of that is me, honest)

Destiny has over 20 million players. Together, they have clocked up a combined total of two billion hours play time since launch.  

That works out at around 100 hours of gameplay from each player. (Which is around half of what I’ve sunk into it, I think. Someone help me.)

The news comes via Activision’s quarterly investor call, which also confirmed that the House of Wolves DLC was successful in bringing Guardians back to the game.

We found out yesterday that prolific voice actor Nolan North will be replacing Peter Dinklage as Destiny’s GhostHe’ll voice the AI companion in The Taken King and replace the dialogue voiced by Dinklage in the original game, too. Ouch.

Have you been lurked back to Guardian duty following House of Wolves, or do you remain unimpressed following the game’s pricing decisions?

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Vikki Blake