Destiny leak hints at Taken King release date, new subclass abilities

Get ready, Guardian

Destiny’s next content drop, The Taken King, will release on September 15 and open up a third subclass and ability for each of the Guardian classes according to a report from Kotaku.

Kotaku is asserting this following a tip off that included a “large marketing sheet” that it has been able to corroborate with other sources.

As well as the additional subclasses, the leak also confirms a new elemental super ability for each class: electrical storm (Arc damage) for Warlocks, a flaming hammer (Solar) for Titans and — what I will no doubt be rockin’ with my Hunter — a gravity bow (Void). 


There’s also talk of new Strikes, PvP maps, and an all-new raid that introduces a shiny new enemy class, the Taken. They’re led by Crota’s daddy, Oryx and apparently, he’s not best pleased with what we did to his little boy…

The cost looks set to be $40. There’s no news, as yet, how that’ll translate into European currencies, but if it follows the pattern set by The Dark Below that conversion rate will magically become $40=£40. I’m going to actually hulk out. Yes, really. 

Unsurprisingly, Bungie has declined to comment. Its declining to comment naturally only adds fuel to the fire of speculation — particularly as it adds flesh to the bones of rumours recently sparked by a Red Bull promotion. Expect more at E3!

We recently told you that Activision, Bungie, and thousands of Guardians around the world raised a staggering $1,026,006.80 for the Nepal Earthquake Relief effort. 

What are you hoping to see, Guardians? Another raid? More story-based missions? A Cryptarch that isn’t a complete chode and matchmaking so that those of us still playing it can actually attempt the higher Prison of Elder arenas?

Vikki Blake