Destiny has a secret exotic weapon buried in its daily mission

All hail the Black Spindle

[Update: Bungie designer Rob Engeln confirmed via Twitter that Black Spindle drops only when “Lost to Light” is featured as the Daily Heroic Mission. This means that players who don’t get it before the daily reset will need to wait until it comes around again. However, Engeln did mention that “Lost to Light” will come back into the rotation “often”, to give players more chances.]

Destiny: The Taken King‘s got a lot of stuff in it that’s not fully explained. Sometimes this is a bad thing, like when you’re confused about how to get your Light level up or why wearing Rares is sometimes better than wearing Legendaries. And sometimes it’s a good thing, like finding cool little secrets and mysteries that you have to pick apart until an awesome reward pops out. This is one of those times. 

Hidden deep within today’s Daily Heroic Story Mission, “Lost to Light” is a secret ending and an exotic weapon. According to reddit user TackiestTaco — and confirmed by streamer TripleWreck — during the mission’s last stage one can deviate from the assigned path and enter the Lunar Ketch, an area normally blocked off and reserved for the “The Shadow Thief” Strike. Upon entering it, players are contacted by Variks and given ten minutes to clear the entire ship of Taken, ending in a strike-class boss fight against a Taniks-sized Taken Captain. It’s a tough PVE challenge, and failing to kill both the boss and all its minions simply ends the mission, Nightfall-style. 

The reward is worth it, though. It’s the exotic sniper rifle Black Spindle, a Year Two version of the much-desired Black Hammer weapon from the Crota’s End Raid. It has a 310 attack rating and drops for every member of the participating fireteam. There’s also a chance to score the Vienna Singer, a legendary ship with fancy pulsating lights on the side.

You’ve got a few more hours until the daily reset, so if you’ve got the time, get a fireteam together and grab it while you can. I’d recommend having at least 290 Light and a bunch of Heavy Ammo synths. The final room is a real meat grinder, and my fireteam’s average Light of 285 just couldn’t cut it.

Josh Tolentino
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