Destiny expansion video teases what players will find in The Dark Below

Hello my baby, hello my honey

We have known for a little while that the first expansion to Destiny would be called The Dark Below, and that it would add a healthy-sounding chunk of content. Bungie has now released a trailer showing off the moon excavation and the creature lurking at the bottom. If the video is any indication, the expansion should live up to its name; there is a lot of black and a little bit of green.

I cannot help but chuckle at that boss monster thing though. The big smile sets me off. All I can think about is the chest-bursting alien from Spaceballs who dons a hat and does his best Michigan J. Frog impersonation. You would think something that lives in such a dark place would be more prone to frowning, but I guess this thing bucks that stereotype.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below is schedule to release on December 9.

Darren Nakamura
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