Destiny expands microtransactions with surprise Halloween event

The highest item costs roughly $10

Bungie has pushed a new update to Destiny in the dead of morning that adds more microtransactions to the game. In addition to “Treasures of the Lost” chests for 200 Silver each, you can pick up the Legendary emotes “Zombie Dance” (700), “Monster Dance” (500), “and “Boo” (300). For reference, the lowest amount of silver you can buy is 500 for $4.99.

Chests include random legendary cosmetic masks, and other random small cosmetic items like Jackolytes. I also found a Jackolyte pickup in the Hard Mode King’s Fall raid. Thankfully there’s also a free version of the event, where you can trick or treat around the Tower for menial items.

You can also grab a quest from Eva Levante in the Tower (she sells emblems and shaders near The Speaker) to get a few of the items in the treasure boxes, but if you want more Legendary bags, you’ll have to buy them.

Chris Carter
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