Destiny 2’s PS4 content will eventually come to PC, Xbox One

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PlayStation owners of Destiny: Rise of Rion (which was only on XB1/PS4) got some exclusive content that never ended up coming to Microsoft’s platforms.

It looks like for the sequel, Bungie isn’t going to omit content from everyone else, falling inline with what they did originally pre-Iron, with few exceptions (Zen Meteor). While not the most informative quote, the game’s director (Luke Smith) took to Twitter to proclaim, “Destiny 2‘s PlayStation exclusive content will arrive on Xbox One and PC in 2018.”

While waiting for stuff is never fun, at least owners of the game on different platforms won’t be left with a technically incomplete version of Destiny 2. Whether or not that extra content is worth a damn (which it wasn’t the first time around) remains to be seen.

Luke Smith [Twitter]

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