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Destiny 2’s old Dungeon Keys are not included in the Legacy Collection bundle

The economy is in shambles.

The consensus on Destiny 2‘s latest expansion pack is quite clear: The Final Shape is a delight in most ways that matter, and it delivers a superb finale to the Light and Dark saga. For those eager to grab all the available content through the Legacy Collection, though, there is bad news.

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Specifically, even though it’s a good thing that Bungie has bundled all of Destiny 2‘s previous expansion packs into a single Legacy Collection bundle (which makes the deal particularly enticing for newcomers), you don’t actually get all of the older legacy content at once. Instead, you’ll still be missing out on Dungeon Keys for the Lightfall and Witch Queen expansion packs. In effect, this means you only get access to the three classic dungeons (Pit of Heresy, Shattered Throne, and Grasp of Avarice) and the free Prophecy dungeon, while the remainder you’ll need to spend even more money on.

You’re not getting Dungeon Keys in the Destiny 2: Legacy Collection bundle

Dungeons are, as I myself have previously established, a crucial aspect of Destiny 2‘s endgame content. Not having access to them is something you’re bound to feel as you progress from the early stages of your progression over to advanced tiers and begin seeking out top-tier equipment and Exotics. The fact that purchasing the $69,99 Legacy Collection bundle only nets you one half of the grand total of Destiny 2‘s dungeon roster is disappointing, to say the least. As the Reddit thread embedded above shows, the players aren’t thrilled with this development, either.

Each Dungeon Key (i.e. two dungeons) sets you back a whopping 2,000 Silver, too. This means that after you’ve already spent about $70 USD on the base gameplay experience, you’ll also need to spend an additional $40 USD to fill out your collection. Further, more dungeons are on the way, so if you get really hooked on the admittedly tense and rewarding gameplay loop of your average dungeon, you should be prepared to splurge even more money in the future.

It’s not a phenomenal look, no matter how you flip it. And, while the Legacy Collection itself is bound to go on sale sooner or later, Bungie isn’t particularly keen on discounting Silver in the Eververse store, so the odds are solid that those Dungeon Keys will only be available at full price for the foreseeable future.

Certainly, you could argue that none of this diminishes the huge win that is The Final Shape DLC. You could technically enjoy it as a standalone experience, for sure, but much of it hinges heavily on you having experienced the prior Destiny content to some extent, and while dungeons themselves aren’t entirely crucial, it still feels kind of strange to see them carved out of the equation in such a manner. So, as per usual, it’s a give and a take with Destiny.

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