Destiny 2 to get new weapons ahead of The Final Shape

It’s never a bad time for more weapons.

Though Destiny 2‘s Season 23 narrative is more or less concluded, there are still some new rewards inbound for the game. Bungie has revealed that a new suite of weapons will soon arrive for pinnacle activities. And players will have plenty of time, even through The Final Shape, to earn them.

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Destiny 2 highlights a specific pool of weapons obtained through pinnacle activities each season. These activities include a mix of PvE and PvP modes, including Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and Nightfall Strikes. Different weapons within the available pool are featured weekly for Trials of Osiris and Nightfalls specifically, allowing players a chance to earn improved Adept versions.

The new weapons are spread across Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and Nightfalls, with four new toys to play with in total. In addition, two reprised weapons are also coming back alongside these debut entries. The weapon news was unexpected, accompanied by a free Bright Dust reveal in the February 8 This Week In Destiny communication.

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Destiny 2 surprises players with new guns before The Finale Shape launch

Nightfalls will see the new double-shooting breech-loaded Wild Style grenade launcher and The Slammer, a Stasis vortex frame sword. Trials of Osiris will see the returning The Summoner auto rifle along with the new aggressive frame The Prophet scout rifle. Finally, Iron Banner is bringing back the Multimach CCX submachine gun and introducing the only Strand wave frame breech-loaded grenade launcher, Tusk of the Boar.

The weapons will trickle into Destiny 2 starting on March 5. That reset will see the Wild Style grenade launcher featured in Nightfalls. The following Tuesday, March 12, The Summoner auto rifle returns to be featured in Trials of Osiris. On March 19, both The Slammer sword and The Prophet scout rifle will be featured in Nightfalls and Trials of Osiris, respectively. Finally, on April 2, the Tusk of the Boar grenade launcher and Multimach CCX submachine gun will be featured in Iron Banner.

While some players may rush out the day these new weapons are available, there’s no need to get frantic. Bungie noted that the scheduled appearance of each weapon only coincides with the rest of Season of the Wish and that the new and returning weapons will continue to be featured through The Final Shape

Four new weapons may not seem like much, but each has its place in the Destiny 2 greater arsenal. In some cases, like The Slammer sword, it offers players a chance to earn a particular type of weapon that has otherwise only been available through holiday events. Either way, few Guardians are going to complain about more weapons.

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