Destiny 2 teases its new DLC activity, Menagerie

♪It’s a world-class menagerie!♪

So Destiny 2 is finally ready to explain just how Calus’ (the first raid boss of Destiny 2, kinda) Season of Opulence is playing out, with details.

On June 4 Opulence (which is the last of three bits of a season pass) will arrive, alongside of the Menagerie activity and Crown of Sorrow raid. On June 11 a new Menagerie boss is incoming as well as the Truth weapon quest, followed by another Menagerie boss on June 18 and an Iron Banner quest.

On June 25 Menagerie heroic (hard) mode is out, then a Lumina weapon quest on July 2, a tribute hall and moments of triumph (read: special achievements for the second year of Destiny 2 content) on July 9, then July 30 is the Solstice of Heroes event. Basically, the Season of Opulence will last from June 4 through July 30, then the game will be supported by live events or whatever comes next. The Menagerie is the big deal here. It will be a “six player matchmaking activity,” it will be PVE related, and will feature new bosses and a heroic difficulty: that’s all we’re getting at the moment.

All told I’ve been coasting with Destiny 2 since the entire “season” concept was introduced after Forsaken. Bite-sized DLCs with drip-fed release waves just isn’t enough to keep me regularly interested. I hope they have something meatier planned for E3: I really don’t want to see a “season two.”

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