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Destiny 2 removes controversial Surges from Raids and Dungeons

Elemental Surges are always all on now.

The Final Shape expansion introduced a proverbial ton of content into Destiny 2. From a new campaign and Exotic weapons to Subclass and weapon balance updates, post-The Final Shape Destiny 2 is almost like a new game. However, Bungie is now rolling back one change after players got vocal about their disapproval. Elemental Surges are no more in the Raid and Dungeon scene, or at least, they don’t matter anymore. 

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Players weren’t in love with all the changes introduced by The Final Shape. Specifically, many Guardians weren’t fans of the -5 power disadvantage and elemental Surges imposed by Raids and Dungeons. The idea was that, as long as players used weapons and abilities highlighted by the Surges, the -5 wouldn’t matter. However, players took the change as a limitation on builds and weapon choice since elements not benefitting from the Surge would be at that -5 power deficit.

On June 20, Bungie addressed the Surge situation in a This Week in Destiny post, announcing, “We have decided to remove surges from raids and dungeons in next week’s update, as well as to adjust tuning so that you’ll perform as if you had them across the board. This means the damage bonus will now be applied to all subclass damage types, including Kinetic, by default.” In addition to the Surge news, Bungie reminded players that the -5 only pertained to damage output, not defenses.

While the -5 disadvantage is still there in some form, forever Surges on all elements almost make it a non-issue. Of course, Bungie noted that it would monitor how the changes feel for players to see if further adjustments are needed.

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