Destiny 2 players gather at the Tower to pay respect to Lance Reddick

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Eyes up, Guardian

Destiny 2 players are gathering in the game’s central hub, the Tower, to pay their respects to Lance Reddick. The voice actor of the Titan Vanguard, Zavala, passed away on March 17, and within minutes of the news breaking, Guardians were flocking to the Tower to hold a vigil for their beloved commander.

If you head to the Tower yourself, players can still be seen by Commander Zavala, paying tribute to Reddick’s work. Members of the community, as well as Bungie staff members, have also been sharing their tributes to the actor online.

“I loaded into the tower to go salute Zavala and was happy to see a lot of people crowded around Zavala just sitting nearby, some coming to salute with an emote and then leaving. Y’all made me feel good about this community and it makes me happy seeing everyone paying respects,” said one user on the Destiny 2 Reddit forum.

Bungie released a statement shortly after the passing of Reddick was announced.

“Lance Reddick was an iconic presence on screen, in Destiny, and most importantly, in person. His love for our community shined through in Commander Zavala, in his uncompromising dedication to his craft, and out of the radiating kindness that touched those around him,” reads the message. To say he will be missed is a profound understatement, yet no less true. Rest in peace, Lance.”

Image via Bungie

Reddick was known to be a big fan of the Destiny franchise, hosting many live streams of himself and his friends playing the game while interacting with the community. This personable approach to his role as Zavala was deeply appreciated by fans, and his role in the game would see the Commander become somewhat of a leader, a father figure to New Lights, and an advisor to Guardians worldwide.

Reddick was also well known for his career across TV and gaming, starring in shows such as The Wire and Fringe, and for his supporting role as Charon in the John Wick series. As Commander Zavala, he will forever be the headstrong leader of the Last City and Destiny‘s Guardians. He will be truly missed.


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