Destiny 2 might not have dedicated servers, but it aims to do better than the first

A ‘unique networking model’

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Destiny 2 was a chance for Bungie (and Activision) to make technical improvements that fans have been clamoring for years for, but it seems like we aren’t getting them. Consoles are still locked to a framerate of 30FPS, and no version is getting dedicated servers. While the former is easier to swallow (and understand, if the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S physically can’t handle it), they really missed the boat with the latter.

Speaking on their official blog though, engineer Matt Segur explains that they will have an improved system for the sequel, even if it’s peer to peer: “Rest assured that we’re doing a lot of testing right now with players all around the world, and working hard to make sure that your experience is going to be smooth on launch day. Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers. That means you will never again suffer a host migration during your Raid attempt or Trials match. This differs from Destiny 1, where these hosting duties were performed by player consoles and only script and mission logic ran in the data center.”

Segur notes that the system is also kind of a hybrid of P2P and dedicated, just like the first game, but by way of “security ninjas,” they’ve come up with a plan to single out cheaters with more precision than in the past. All of this will be put to the test this summer with the Destiny 2 beta.

While I’d love for the sequel to have all of the things discussed above, I just want more raids (the best part) on a more consistent schedule. If that happens I’ll be more than happy with it.

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