Destiny 2: Lightfall power cap, soft cap, & max Light level

The power cap explained

In Bungie’s Destiny 2, power levels can be achieved by equipping higher power weapons and armor, or infusing those higher-leveled items onto your current loadout to increase their power level. This determines how effective your abilities and weapons are, and ultimately, how much damage you can both dish out as well as take.

In the lead-up to the World’s First raid competition, which takes place on March 10 for the new raid The Root of Nightmares, Guardians will be seeking to increase their power level as much as possible, as quickly as possible. But what is the maximum power level you can achieve in Lightfall?

Since each expansion raises the power level beyond the previous one, the maximum power level is 1810. The “soft cap” is 1750. The soft cap refers to the part of the expansion, usually throughout the campaign, where most armor and weapons you earn will be an upgrade to your currently equipped set. After completing the Lightfall story, most Guardians should sit at around 1750 power.

Powerful and pinnacle rewards

Image via Bungie

After reaching 1750, the only way to increase power is to complete activities that reward powerful gear. These are marked with a yellow square symbol on the map for easy tracking. After reaching 1800, the only way to creep up to the maximum of 1810 is by completing activities that reward pinnacle weapons and armor. Again, these are marked with the same yellow symbol on the map for easy tracking. Some examples of these include the weekly raid and dungeon rotations, three crucible matches, and the Lightfall weekly campaign mission at higher difficulties.

Most of the in-game content is set at a high power level, especially Nightfalls and raids. Legacy content, that is anything from before The Witch Queen, is capped at 1600 and makes for an easier time for new Guardians or those wanting a bit of a smoother ride. It’s therefore vital to continue to improve your loadout for maximum efficiency.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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