Destiny 2 just had one of its roughest weekends yet from a stability perspective

The Guardians just can’t catch a break.

Following a particularly fun and delightful bug from the week prior, Destiny 2 was recently beset by something far less entertaining: a possible DDoS attack from an unknown source. According to player reports on Reddit and other Destiny 2 community hotspots, the game has been suffering from a wide array of connectivity issues both minor and major, up until the point that the whole thing became wholly unplayable for a period of time.

The problems have been so pervasive that players faced issues in all of Destiny 2‘s game modes, from the Trials of Osiris all the way to the humble Lost Sector missions. PvE enemies have been unresponsive to attacks, while rounds of PvP would wrap up in a tie no matter what, leading to widespread confusion and understandable annoyance with the state of the game.

Did someone DDoS Destiny 2 over the weekend?

Broadly speaking, it doesn’t seem like the game is in real long-term trouble. While it’s certainly a big pain that the players couldn’t enjoy Destiny 2 over the past couple of days, the odds are good that Bungie already has a handle on the problems. Most seem to be able to jump into Destiny 2 just fine already, and while that’s no guarantee that there won’t be further issues down the line, it is a good sign, regardless.

This latest batch of problems, notably, might not have been Bungie’s fault after all. While the developer is yet to chime in on anything relating to these issues in an official capacity, some believe that the whole mess is the handiwork of an angry hacker, no less. It goes without saying that this entire story ought to be taken with a pinch of salt, as there’s no actual evidence of any sort to corroborate it. At the same time, there is, indeed, a possibility that the theory crafting going on in the featured Reddit thread is correct, which would be a heck of a development all on its own.

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